Cover The living area is livened up with furnishings in jewel tones, such as the emerald Poliform armchair and cushions from Hermès

Earthy tones are grounding and offer a sense of calm—here’s how Bolshakova Interiors transforms a home with an inviting colour palette

“We create dream homes—a place to live happily—for our clients, which is very different from [designing] for a business. Dream homes are always very emotional; a client’s background often serves as the main influence and inspiration,” says interior designer Nataly Bolshakova, who helms her namesake firm Bolshakova Interiors. 

Based in both Ukraine and France, Bolshakova Interiors crafts a unique narrative for each residential project with a bespoke design approach that caters to each homeowners’ particular taste. For one of their latest projects, the design team crafted a dream sanctuary for a close-knit family of four by turning to their lifestyles for inspiration.

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“These clients are very positive people, and they conveyed their mood and values to us,” says Bolshakova. “They wanted to build a family nest with plenty of spaces for relaxation and leisure, whilst also individually tailoring to the needs of the family members. As the family leads an active lifestyle, they requested for a spa and a pool that could be covered for all seasons. They also often host guests in their home; thus, we created two additional guest bedrooms on the ground floor.”  

The earthy brown hues that make up the abode’s colour palette was also inspired by the family. “The colour scheme of the interior is like a portrait of the family’s mood,” reveals Bolshakova. “This family is balanced and cooperative, and the colour palette translates that with a warm and comfortable atmosphere.” 

The living area features a television wall with dark wood panelling. In contrast, the adjoining wall is painted in a lighter brown shade, with a bookmatched marble wall feature adding a luxurious appeal to the space. “Natural wood and stone, sophisticated marble patterns and fabric textures that offer a soft touch—all these create comfort and an unforgettable experience of interacting with every detail of the house,” says the designer.

The neutral colour palette is brightened with vibrant accents, including the patterned rug from Loro Piana and the emerald Poliform armchair designed by Jean-Marie Massaud. 

“We knew that our clients love to have many guests over, and thus we furnished [the space] with pieces that are easily transformable to ensure that there is a place for everyone,” Bolshakova explains. “The centre of the living room features a large Poliform sofa for cosy family evenings, and we’ve paired it with the Tribeca marble coffee table from Poliform.” 

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Behind the lounge sofa, the open-plan living and dining areas are segmented with sliding doors that feature an elegant geometric pattern from Italian manufacturer Longhi. “Every detail matters,” the designer enthuses. “To help create a lively atmosphere, I always combine plain and natural textures with active patterns and contrasting colours.”

The kitchen features cabinetry from Aster Cucine that is embellished with a glossy and reflective sheen, while the dining area is furnished with a dark Cattelan Italia dining table and accompanied with chairs in cream tones.

A matching Cattelan Italia console that sits under an artwork by Ukraine artist Mariia Vozvyshaieva can be paired with the main table when the family hosts guests for dinner parties. Pendant spherical lamps from Penta hang above the dining area, adding a dramatic factor to the space.

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Besides the dining room, sculptural lighting can also be found throughout the different parts of the abode. “In this home, lighting is not only functional, but also plays the role of an art object,” says Bolshakova. 

The hallway, for example, features a specially-designed fine metal piece from French lighting manufacturer Art et Floritude. Paired with the Multispot chandelier designed by Marc Sadler, the statement lighting pieces instantly elevate the aesthetics of the home and form an artistic statement within the space.

The master bedroom continues the home’s calming design narrative with a relaxing combination of dark colours and soft textures. “Compared to bright white hues, I believe that darker tones convey [a sense of] rest and relaxation,” says the designer. The bedside lamps and plush rug offer calming blue accents to the room; they were chosen by Bolshakova to “create an atmosphere of depth and tranquillity.” 

The connecting bathroom has an aura of calm. “Here, this area continues the design of the bedroom zone in terms of the style, finishes and sense. I believe that a bathroom should not look like a wet zone, but instead it should be a cosy space for wellness,” she explains. 

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While the master bedroom and bathroom are decked in warm brown tones, the children’s bedrooms are infused with colour. The son’s bedroom is dressed in a colourful combination of blue and red tones, while the daughter’s bedroom—one of the more difficult rooms in the home to design—features floral wallpaper and bold red accents.

“She was about 14 during the design process, so it was not easy to find a common language and discussions were a little tough,” Bolshakova reflects. “However, we reached an agreement: nude colours, floral Wall & Deco wallpaper and romantic Moooi lighting became main accents.” 

In fact, the bedrooms are a highlight for Bolshakova. “My favourite areas in this house are the master bedroom and master bathroom, as well as the daughter’s room,” she reveals. “I like to work with dark textures, which I feel are instrumental to create a relaxing mood. While people are often afraid of colours darker than ivory, these clients were open and ready for it!”

Overall, the homeowners are pleased with the soothing sanctuary that the designer crafted. Bolshakova highlights: “Having lived in the house for a while, the clients have told us that they are grateful to spend almost all their weekends hosting their friends at their place; they rarely find a reason to want to leave!” 

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