Cover Tan serenely puts together her creations amidst an internal garden

Located in one of leading architect Kevin Mark Low’s early projects, Jane Tan has found the perfect home for her blossoming floral design business

Being amongst nature is always fodder for inspiration and for Jane Tan, founder of Dear J by Jane, living and working in a home studio designed by renowned architect Kevin Mark Low of Small Projects evokes the right environment for creating her elegant floral creations.

Located in the genteel suburb of Taman Tun Dr Ismail, the 28-year-old full-time floral designer and stylist was headed for a career in fashion when her passion for pretty things diverted her interests to blooms instead.


“I recognised that there was a void in the market for beautifully crafted floral designs so I ventured into the industry without any floristry education. One year later, I took up master classes from renowned experts abroad, which has helped me to create even more unique and stunning floral designs,” she says.

As Tan’s business grew, she also began to need more space. Her search took her to this intermediate terrace house which was previously a pop-up café. The long narrow house had been transformed by Low into his signature raw style which embraces imperfection rather than eschewing it.


The problems afflicting terrace houses where there’s limited natural light and cross ventilation have been eliminated by removing all the rooms on the ground floor and transforming it into one large open space.

The lot was further cut in half in order to have a garden run straight through its ground floor. This garden was planted with trees to provide shade for the spaces below when they matured.

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By the time, Tan moved into the house, the garden was in lush condition—or too lush depending on who you ask. “It looks a little abandoned from the outside with all the greenery and trees growing around it, but it stands out from the rest of the houses and I appreciate it,” muses Tan.

Although the interiors were done in a peculiarly Oriental style, Tan was immediately attracted to the space: “I was drawn to the beauty of the raw, untouched nature at the entrance because of the trees. The whole house also exudes a very calming vibe.”

Since she’s moved in, Tan has added an extra air-conditioning unit and a deck to hang some plants. She’s also trimmed the trees and brought in more plants because flowers, land and trees are all related in her opinion.

The existing oriental furniture was cleared out and replaced with office tables, workshop tables, a fridge for the flowers and all her flower supplies. Apart from essential furniture, Tan was mindful to keep to the austere feel of the space with simple pieces: “Doing up the space wasn’t that complicated for me as I was actually decluttering and needed more space with minimal furniture.”

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The space now serves all Tan’s requirements for her business whether it’s having workshops and meeting with brand clients or more day-to-day operations like creating flower arrangements and managing online orders.

Functionality aside, she finds the space very conducive to her process: “I spend most of my time planning, working and thinking of the next inspiring design. This house is designed to be spacious and that helps me feel good. It also has a homey feeling for me to take breaks in between.”


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Above The folded metal staircase connects both levels

It’s not only Tan and the trees who love living here, the six adorably fluffy Angora Mix rabbits Tan shares her home studio with also enjoy the space.

“I actually wanted a dog but my sister gave me my first rabbit and now I have six. They absolutely feel right at home here and roam around the house every day.”


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