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So you've finished your latest masterpiece, the next thing to do is preserve and put them on display for everybody else to see. In the list below are local shops where you can frame your art

There are artists who prefer to hang their paintings and there are those who want to keep them from the eyes of the public; but whatever their preferences are, one thing is certain: all of them want to keep their latest masterpiece safe.

The best way to preserve any painting is by framing it; this process does not only protect the artwork but also enhance it through customisation. 

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In this write-up we have a list of local shops that provide the best framing services in the Philippines:

1. Kwadro Art Gallery

Kwadro Art Gallery and Frame Shop provides top-quality customised frames, the shop has always been the go-to of many artists for it knows how to handle paintings with care. Besides offering its framing service, Kwadro Art also sells paintings from renowned Filipino painters such as National Artist Cesar Legaspi.

2. Frame PH

Frame PH is ideal for people who are very conscious of what they hang on their walls. The shop offers customisable frames that vary in shape, colours, and even texture. They also provide round-edge photo matting for people who want to give their art pieces a little bit of "softness".

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3. Frame Forte

Most art galleries in the metro run to Frame Forte before opening any exhibit. The shop offers cutomisable frames that cater to the needs of artists. On their official Instagram page, viewers can see the shop's collection of finished works. 

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4. OMG Arts and Frame Shop

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(Photo: Frameworks Homefront)
Above (Photo: Frameworks Homefront)

Somewhere in Cubao is the shop of OMG Arts and Frame. The business provides personalised frames that are made by experienced hands. In their official Facebook page, OMG writes that the shop's top priority is to protect and preserve works of art.

"Our company’s goal is to protect, preserve and showcase your works of art so that you can enjoy it for a lifetime. We believe that as experts [in] framing design, we must provide the best services for you. We also want you to be a part of the process. We will provide [the] best recommendations and guidance to ensure that the designing process becomes smooth and easy," they said.

"Whether its mirror framing or picture framing or even museum artwork conservation, our team of designers is highly experienced in both the necessary structural design of your framing and the esthetics of your work. We pride ourselves in taking the time to explain all of your choices and help you explore all the possibilities that will make your art look the best," they added.

To reach OMG, people may visit them at 18 A Main Avenue Corner 4th Avenue Cubao Quezon City or give them a call at +632 726 0124 / +63917 470 8080.

5. Oscar Mercado Framers

If you want ready-made, sturdy, and stylish frames, head to Oscar Mercado Framers in Quezon City, this shop caters to artists and homeowners who want to revamp and fill their beautiful spaces with paintings that will last for a very long time. 

Contact the store through +63932 899 0425.

6. Pio Del Pilar Gallery Frames

Pio Del Pilar Gallery Frames, also known as Corner Frame Gallery, is a local frame shop nestled in Makati city. Bring your painting to their doorstep and they will help you find the most suitable frame for it. The shop provides a wide variety of framing edges that are guaranteed to complement your art well. 

To reach the place, interested customers may contact Ms Myrna Ibañez Ramos at +63928 844 4209 or visit them at 7763B. Facundo St. Corner Taylo Pio Del Pilar Makati City, Manila Philippines.


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