Cover "Cascading Scene 22" by Vincent Padilla, which is part of his exhibition "Lying Between Critical Faults" at Altro Mondo

Don't miss this lineup of exhibitions happening this month until early March

1. León Gallery

Acclaimed fashion photographer Mark Nicdao taps his inner visual artist once more. On February 22, he will be unveiling his first-ever solo exhibition entitled, The Imaginings of a Disinhibiting Manic Neurotransmitter (Beta Version), at León Gallery. Comprising of 10 striking pieces, Nicdao digs deeper into the mechanisms and musings of the psyche using various art media.

2. Finale Art File

Dubbed In Storage, Annie Cabigting's elusive show at Finale Art File is something you should see for yourself. Don't miss it before it closes on March 5.

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3. Galleria Duemila

Mentored by legendary artist Roberto Chabet, Trek Valdizno celebrates his milestones as an artist with a fourth solo show at the gallery which has been his home for a decade. Available both onsite and online until March 15, the exhibition Beguiling Temptation is a retrospective of Valdizno's journey in art and his own distinctive style. Moreover, it features his most recent works that encapsulate the challenges he recently faced like Typhoon Ulysses and the pandemic in 2020.

4. Altro Mondo

Vincent Padilla, the artist behind the much-talked-about Romancing the Inevitable 2019 installation art, continues his protest art focusing this time on the impact of climate change. Utilising a technique called 'paint pouring', a process that is known as a form of abstraction, Padilla merges this to his intention of depicting an image of the future.

"As the deterioration of the earth takes place, we have to make a decision as to whether we continue our ways or to stop absolutely," Padilla said in his exhibition notes. "Not everything is black and white; and currently, we are all stuck in the grey area. . ."

The exhibition Lying Between Critical Faults is on view until March 12 at Altro Mondo Creative Space (Chino Roces Avenue, Makati City).

5. Silverlens Galleries

Aside from Silverlens bringing Maria Taniguchi, James Clar, and Mit Jai Inn at Art Dubai 2022 from March 9 to 13, there is also an interesting exhibition you can check at its gallery space in Chino Roces Avenue extension.

In Resonant Earth, artists Joseph Gabriel, Hanna Pettyjohn, and Pam Quinto take their cue from a 1961 essay by Fernando Zóbel entitled The First Philippine Porcelain and speculate on ceramics as a contemporary form. Curator Carlos Quijon Jnr said in his exhibition notes, "Each work for the exhibition uses earth from these different locations and responds to different aspects of the medium's technology and stylistic and material circulation." The exhibition opens on February 22 and will run until March 26.


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