Nix the cut flowers this Valentine’s Day, buy orchids instead

Having an orchid around the house has many benefits. Not only does it help lift the mood with its vibrant petals, but it can do us good in many ways, especially when it comes to our health. It cleans the air by releasing oxygen, keeps you calm as it relieves stress, and reduces any seasonal ailments. Here's where you can get these florals so you can start decorating your home now:


Knots can arrange orchids in a vase for your loved one and deliver it straight to their door on the same day. While they have various kinds of blooms, you might want to browse through their collection of orchids of different kinds. See a few of their creations on Instagram (

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Mega Orchids

There's a vast selection of orchids at the nursery and garden centre, Mega Orchids (@megaorchids), including Dendrobium, Phalaenopsis, Vanda, Mokara, Oncidium, Cattleya, and Spathoglottis. Should you wish to visit their stores, you can find them across the region—Quezon City, Cavite, Laguna, and Bulacan.

Orcs and Orns

Whether you're thinking of buying a pot of orchids or more, trust that Orcs and Orns will provide you with what you need. They have these florals in different colours and types. You can have the flowers delivered from their garden in Quezon City, Cavite, Laguna, and Batangas to wherever you may be in the Philippines.

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The Glass House

The Glass House (@theglasshouseflowers) also has gorgeous orchids that can brighten your day and your home. They have orchids in different colours that you may choose from and use as decor at home. These blooms are encased in a chic box that can be personalised. In case you're planning on sending the orchids to someone you cherish, you can opt to add a balloon, champagne, or even a cakesicle to make it more special!

Mama Botanika PH

Although Mama Botanika PH often posts hundreds of plants, you'll occasionally see that they also create orchid centrepieces. They can arrange the flowers together in a nice vase that would be a wonderful gift for a loved one. Otherwise, you can buy the blooms for yourself to use as decor in the house as it matches any interior.


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