Cover Stephanie Kienle and Christian Gonzalez with their daughters Adrianna and Arielle, captioned as "last snaps as a family of 4" as the couple is expecting their third child this 2022 (Photo: Instagram)

Follow these gorgeous families on Instagram to see how their adorable kids grow up and to watch how these loving families spend time together

Filled with love and laughter, these young families are nothing but adorable. Whenever we come across their OOTDs, selfies, twinnings, fun adventures, TikTok dances, and the traditional family photo greeting for the New Year, we just can't help but smile and laugh. For making our days look sunny and bright with their posts, we listed the cutest families that we highly suggest that you follow on social media.

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1. The Kienle-Gonzalez Family

Aside from being the managing director of furniture company Philux, Stephanie Kienle is a doting wife to Christian Gonzalez, ICTSI's executive vice president, and a hands-on mum to her daughters Andrea and Arielle. Just before 2021 ended, the family welcomed their youngest addition, Anouck.

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2. The Araneta-Elizalde Family

One of the reasons why television personality, model, and environmentalist Bianca Araneta shied away from the spotlight was to attend to her growing family. Now, the founder of Wholesome Table spends most of her time with her husband Juan Elizalde, Manila Broadcasting Company executive director, and their four beautiful girls: Isabeli, Alessi, Siena, and Semira.

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3. The Mananquil-Trillo Family

Many of us have experienced having our family members isolated from us because of the pandemic, even though we're all in the same house. But these two daughters of Rissa Mananquil and Paolo Trillo, Audra and Celestia have both made their father's birthday extra special despite the circumstances. This is just one of the moments the Trillo family has made our feeds bursting with love and joy and we can't stop scrolling for more.

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4. The Griffin-Jacob Family

Former model, VJ, and advocate Amanda Griffin shared to Tatler in 2021 that prior to the pandemic, they would always be travelling all over the region because of her husband David Jacob's job as CEO of Marsh Asia. But for the first time in their 13-year relationship, they managed to stay at home and together for a whole year. We've always loved their travel photos and videos, especially when their kids Kieran, Kalon, Lila, and Kyle would be in the same clothes to pose. So cute!

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5. The Belo-Kho Family

Doctors to the stars Vicki Belo and her husband Hayden Kho have been very hands-on parents to their only child Scarlet Snow. They are her teachers, playmates, and great support whenever she tries to make the world a better, brighter place with her unmatched charisma and pureness of heart. We all know this because ever since Scarlet Snow was born about six years ago, we have followed her grow up—prettier and wiser every day. Now, she has five million followers on Instagram! Look at that!

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6. The Schulze-Del Rosario Family

Mom blogger and editor Georgia Schulze and her husband Armand del Rosario, athlete and businessman, once shared with Tatler that one of the rules they've set for their kids is about not forcing them to eat what they do not like but at least try it once. Their kids Nadia, Sonia, Katia, and Irina have been very loving and respectful of their parents and each other, making this family truly worthy of emulating.

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7. The Heussaff-Bolzico Family

We've followed celebrity and artist Solenn Heussaff and her husband, entrepreneur and social media sensation, Nico Bolzico even since before they tied the knot. But when their bundle of joy Thylane finally arrived, we just can't get our eyes off her because of her captivating persona, wit, and charm.

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8. The Garcia-Kramer Family

If there's such a title that goes as the first baby who became a social media influencer, it would definitely be Kendra Kramer, the eldest daughter of former athlete Doug Kramer and celebrity Cheska Garcia. We have seen them in their early years as a growing family and have fallen in love with them as well as their younger kids Scarlett and Gavin. Through the years, #TeamKramer has proven to us that family love is the best treasure we can ever have in the world.

9. The Wilson-Burnand Family

Even though model, host, and television personality Georgina Wilson has been kept busy by her work as brand director of Sunnies Studios, she does not fail to attend to her children Archie, Alfie, and Charlotte Arabella, together with her husband Arthur Burnand by her side. The kids are truly adorable in their own right. I mean, who can ever forget that episode Archie had years ago for his adobo craving? Don't we all relate to him?

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10. The Arambulo-Antonio Family

Not only do we see designer and stylist Cat Arambulo on Instagram always so fit and fab, but we also see her as a cool mum to her kids. Her husband Carlo Antonio of Century Properties is also always game doing their crazy-fun family bonding activities. And no, it's not only just styling OOTDs or twinnings with Alana, rifle practice with Asher, or catching up with Danielle, it's also doing a lot of TikTok dance videos as a family.

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11. The Daza-Semblat Family

Actress, host, and model Isabelle Daza and her husband Adrien Semblat who serves as general manager for Adidas have always been a lovely couple that we can't take our eyes off of. Especially when they had their sons Baltie and Valentin, their bundles of joy have added nothing but light and love to their family.

12. The Curtis Smith-Heussaff Family

We've always followed digital content creator Erwann Heussaff and multimedia superstar Anne Curtis Smith in their travels and food trips all around the world. So when they finally sealed their vows at a picturesque spot in New Zealand, it was nothing but perfect. When their daughter Dahlia was born, we found the lovely couple rearranging their priorities in life—taking her with them on their new adventures to see the world. 


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