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Here are a few flower arrangement ideas to keep your centrepiece as vibrant as your home!

People began decorating their homes (particular the dining table) with blooms as early as the 15th century. Flowers have often been associated with symbols as well, seeing them as a sign of passion, luxury or even chastity.

Today, we do the same apart from keeping our homes radiant with positivity. They say flowers generate happiness and even reduce stress and anxiety because of their beauty. All the more reason to fill your home with blossoms to keep your household feel optimistic, secure and relaxed. With so many blooms to choose from, you can have them arranged in various, colourful ways.

Here are a few inspirations to give you an idea of how to keep your home vibrant:

1. Tea roses for high tea

If you love the smell of a perfect cup of tea, then you'll love the scent of the tea rose. These blooms will flourish in your backyard, especially when it's exposed to the sun. It's a great centrepiece to place in your outdoor dining area. Otherwise, you may place it inside your home where it can be exposed to the sun partially.

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2. Globe of preserved flowers

This small and simple flower arrangement is perfect for smaller surfaces, be it in the dining area, living room or even your work area. It's a tiny yet elegant touch that isn't exactly conventional which makes it even more special. Other people even opt for a glass dome which is also an enchanting sight to see at home.

3. Dark, dried flowers

We often see light-coloured dried flowers in the market. But have you ever considered having darker dried florals arranged as a centrepiece? This arrangement would look striking and gorgeous when placed inside a room with white walls.

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4. Contrasting florals

Start a bright, new day with fresh yellow and blue blooms as a centrepiece. These two contrasting colours would look lovely inside the house, especially when paired with your favourite blue fine china. Who wouldn't light up when they see bright-hued flowers in the morning?

5. Fresh succulents

Plantitos and plantitas can create their own centrepieces with their own beloved plants including succulents. It's a personal and unique idea for a centrepiece. You may also change it up by switching pots and placing it on a different vase.

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6. Floating orchids or tulips

For a simpler yet unique floral arrangement, you may want to keep a floating centrepiece on the table. It's a beautiful idea that does not require many complications. Spring dream orchids or tulips would look lovely in a tall, cylindrical glass vase like the photo above. 

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7. Vibrant and cheerful florals

For a pop of colour at home, bunch together various, cheerful flowers such as Chinese hibiscus, flamingo flower, or even striped Barbados lilies with blue and pink hydrangeas. You may even choose other blooms in different colours and shapes for a more fun centrepiece.

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