You don't need every gardening tool to become an expert Plantito or Plantita, you just need a simple kit to use when tending plants at home

Living and tending plants at home just might be the most therapeutic thing — and most of us can vouch for that fact after spending quarantine with gardening. But if you're still a budding Plantito or Plantita, you'll find that it's also quite challenging when you don't have the right set of tools. With the proper equipment, you'll be chuffed up for taking care of your plants the right way.

So whether you're planting indoors or outdoors with big or small plant beds, you'll definitely need these essential tools:

Gardening Gloves

Your hands are the most important tool—you basically use it to dig, plant, and everything else. If your hands are wounded, you can't tend your plants the right way. So you'll need good gloves, and don't just buy the first pair you pick up at the store.

Dirt is the last thing you should be worried about. If anything, you'll want to avoid having wounds, callouses, swelling, or cracked palms; having the wrong gloves will give you just that. So, find a pair of gloves that aren't easily punctured, durable, flexible, allergy-free, and most importantly with reinforced tips.


Do not use household scissors especially when they're not as sharp. You'll also notice that the scissors you use in the house are built with a blade that is pointed up which can damage your plants.

You need sturdy and sharp scissors, not just to cut through packets of seeds but also to cut stems. The sharper, the better as it ensures that you'll be safely snipping what needs to be cut instead of pulling stems which can harm your plants.

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Hand Rake

Regardless of the size of your plant bed, you'll need a hand rake. A hand rake will help you dig, turn, and till the soil. Trust me, you wouldn't want to just use your hands. It's also useful when you're trying to remove garden debris from plant beds that are outdoors.

But if you're dealing with a larger plant bed, it's best to use a bigger rake to effectively till the soil.

Pest Control

If you're trying to grow your own vegetables and notice holes on the leaves, then you'll need pest control. These can come in handy just in case you start seeing even the most minute hints of pests, as you wouldn't want it to get worse. Even when you're growing other plants or flowers, it's still best to be equipped. 

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