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Adding these home accessories can add texture and dimension to any space in an instant

A home isn't a home if it lacks pieces that help express your personality and truly make it your own. Whether you throw in an extra accent pillow for texture or add an objet d'art that you find striking, you'll be transforming any space almost instantly.

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To help you begin, browse the list of unique items below that you might want to add to your collection:

1. Gufram Pieces

Gufram merges aesthetic and technological and material research to create pieces that spark the imagination. The Italian brand's radical designs are a conversation starter as each piece has a unique form and value. Their decorative items include the couch Bocca, the Pratone, and the hall tree Cactus among many others which can be found in both homes and museums around the world. They have miniatures of these items which can be used as a playful centrepiece in any space.

Available at CWC Interiors

2. Bone China Wave Tray

This gorgeous sculpted tray in bone china shows Filipino craftsmanship at its finest. This was designed by internationally renowned artist, Bea Valdes in collaboration with Philux. What's lovely about this piece is how it can be used in multiple ways, either as a tray, a paperweight, a jewellery dish, and more. 

Available at Philux

3. Modern Marble Tabletop Sculpture

Tatler Asia
Photo: Crate and Barrel
Above Photo: Crate and Barrel

Having decor made of natural stone at home makes it easier to blend in with other items as it is versatile, much like the Modern Marble Tabletop Sculpture from Crate and Barrel. This piece, which is exclusively available at Crate and Barrel, can be used as a bookend or a centrepiece in the living room. 

Available at Crate and Barrel

4. Kaleidos Basket

Tatler Asia
Photo: Intérieur Jour
Above Photo: Intérieur Jour

Inspired by Japanese origami, the Kaleidos basket by Naoko Shintani is a great piece to have either in the living room or dining room. It has a distinct form that's reminiscent of a kaleidoscope and is made of stainless steel with a mirror-polished finish that reflects different images.

Available at Living Innovations

5. Sailboats Votivelight

The Sailboats Votivelight candle holder from Bernardud is a stunning statement piece with Sailboats engraved on its bisque porcelain body. Once you light the candle, dim the lights and watch its stunning motif glow.

Available at Rustan's

6. Massaud Candle Holder

Tatler Asia
Photo: Kuysen
Above Photo: Kuysen

If you prefer decor that fits your minimalist interior, you may opt for the Massaud Candle Holder by Jean‐Marie Massaud. Once the candle is placed inside, it can be used as a centrepiece in any room. The porcelain candleholder resembles a pebble with its shape and colour.

Available at Kuysen

7. Kudu Horn Sculpture

Travellers who miss exploring the world will appreciate a striking artefact like the Kudu Horn Sculpture from Ethan Allen. The Kudu horn, which is a musical instrument from Africa, has been used as a symbol in rituals. But fret not for this piece is cruelty-free as it is crafted from resin. 

Available at Ethan Allen

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