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Spruce up your home with furniture and decor in millennial pink—a genderless colour that's loved by many

Millennial pink has overtaken the fashion and design industry. Since its first appearance in the latter part of 2015, millennial pink is a trend that just won't go out in style. Although some people might think it's just a glorified variant of rose gold—like the iPhone skin. But millennial pink is actually a set of shades of pink.

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These trendy shades of pink—particularly pale pink, beige pink and salmon—have become huge not only because it's pleasing to the eye but because it has been used to veer away from the idea of femininity which is often associated with the colour pink. So yes, anyone can incorporate millennial pink furniture and decor into their homes regardless of their gender:

Millennial pink benches

A great piece you can add to your home are benches like the Le Berre Vevaud Goa bench. It's not completely in millennial pink which is ideal for those who prefer to blend in other colours in a room.

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Millennial pink vases

Instead of using glass, place your blooms in a millennial pink vase for a change. Better yet, choose vases that are uniquely shaped to add more life to any room. It's also great to place it beside white or neutral-coloured vases.

Millennial pink sofa

Having a sofa in the shade of millennial pink is a great choice—whether you're matching it with similar-coloured stools or chairs. It appears neat, elegant and chic altogether!

Millennial pink chairs

How about adding millennial pink chairs into the room? It's a chic way to design a room without using pink hues that are too bright and bold. It can even blend easily with other pieces of furniture (especially in muted tones).

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Millennial pink candles

Adding millennial pink decor at home can be as easy as placing a candle like the Bougies Rigaud Prestige Rose candle atop any surface. The candle is simple and has a slight shade of pink that makes it appear elegant.

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