Cover Terrazzo has been making a fun comeback recently, with modern twists (Photo: Courtesy of Ceramica Sant'Agostino)

More than just a flooring material, terrazzo has received a contemporary resurgence lately. Here are some ways you can incorporate its playful retro look into your abode

In recent years, terrazzo has made a huge comeback as a trending material in interiors. Originating from Italy, the composite material is made by mixing chips of marble, quartz, granite, and other suitable materials before polishing them to a smooth surface. 

Today, modern terrazzo has evolved slightly from its predecessor. Alongside using traditional cement to produce terrazzo, resin is also favoured for its resistance to scratches and cracking. The speckled pattern is available in a kaleidoscope of colours, and the chips are typically bigger and chunkier to achieve a bold visual effect. Besides flooring, the new wave of terrazzo has also been making its rounds nearly everywhere—from countertops to textiles, and even on homeware.  

Loving how vibrant it is? Here, we’ve gathered several stylish ways to inspire you to incorporate terrazzo tiles and terrazzo-like designs into your abode.

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1. Dress the walls

One of the most straightforward ways to include a terrazzo-like design into your interiors is by using wallpaper. This brings an artful atmosphere into any room, whether it's a statement feature wall or on all four walls.

If you’re not looking for a full-scale makeover, turn to wall decals instead. Homegrown decal brand Evercasa offers removable fabric decals in a range of terrazzo-like designs. Opt for smaller confetti-like shapes to mimic the look of natural terrazzo, or choose fun geometric shapes for a playful touch. 

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2. Go big and bold

For a modern twist on traditional terrazzo flooring, opt for graphic patterns with larger fragments. Italian ceramic tile manufacturer Ceramica Sant'Agostino’s Newdecò line of tiles, which retails at local material supplier Hafary, will make a bold statement in any room.

The glazed porcelain tiles are available in various unique patterns. A patchwork-themed option, for example, is a contemporary take on a classic pattern that adds a chic and unique flair to a room.

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3. A playful twist to table tops

Inject a cheerful spin into your workspace with a terrazzo table. This study designed by homegrown design firm The Scientist features a striking table with a terrazzo top and olive green drawers. The bright touch is visual delight in this cheerful home office.

Don’t limit the terrazzo tabletop to your study—the vibrant feature will look just as stunning atop coffee tables in the living room and dining tables in the dining area.

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4. A tactile touch

Fabrics and upholstery featuring terrazzo-like patterns are a great way to create a fun tactile atmosphere. The Terrazzo rug from French upholstery and furnishings company Pierre Frey features abstract shapes that are tufted by hand, adding a whimsical and sophisticated flair to spaces.  

Cushion covers, such as the Kristín Terrazzo set from local retailer Hearth\home, are also an easy and effortless way to bring the beauty of terrazzo into your interiors.

5. Tile it up

Line your bathroom walls with terrazzo tiles for a chic and modern statement. Located in downtown Detroit, the bathrooms in The Siren Hotel feature custom terrazzo tiling in vibrant blue, red and green variations. Created by design development firm ASH NYC alongside American architectural firm Quinn Evans Architects, the team opted to also dress the vanity counters in terrazzo for double the impact.

6. Create a retro kitchen counter

Most terrazzos are durable and highly resistant to heat, making them a suitable material for kitchen countertops. In this townhouse located in The Hague, Netherlands-based practice Avenue Design Studio created a chic kitchen featuring a terrazzo worktop with a built-in terrazzo sink. Blue cabinetry adds to the allure of the kitchen, while oak open-shelves create a touch of rustic charm.

7. Opt for terrazzo accents

The easiest way to liven up your living space with terrazzo accents is through decorative pieces that can be swapped out easily if the look doesn't grow on you. Top picks include Commune’s Tierra bar cart, which features a terrazzo top that’s combined with neutral hues and refined finishes. 

You can also incorporate touches of the confetti-like designs into your home with smaller decor pieces. These handcrafted pill trays and coasters from local eco-friendly homeware label Brambe feature terrazzo-inspired prints that are full of stimulating colours and shapes.  

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