Bored at home? Go beyond baking banana bread—personalise and craft your own hand-made homeware at these workshops in Singapore

Few things are more therapeutic than crafting art. Besides exploring a new form of self-expression, creating your own handwrought pieces also invokes a sense of achievement when you get a load of your hard work being brought to fruition. 

You’ll be able to unleash your creativity and personalise your very own wares at these workshops in Singapore. Whether you’re looking to experiment with different art forms or to discover new materials, these workshops will encourage you to get experiential.

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1. Craft with Jesmonite at The General Co

A recent rising star material, Jesmonite is gaining traction for its versatility and eco-friendliness. The non-toxic water-based substance is often used in an assortment of craft designs, from small trinkets to sculptural works. 

Have a go at experimenting with Jesmonite at The General Co. The local crafts collective has a beginner-friendly workshop where you’ll be able to utilise the lightweight eco-resin to hand-cast your bespoke terrazzo and marbled trinket trays. 

Conducted by Grams, a homegrown brand that specialises in sustainable design materials, you’ll be guided through casting and colouring techniques. Besides becoming versed with the properties of Jesmonite, you’ll also have the chance to take home your personalised crafts after each workshop.

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2. Experiment with ceramics at Polkaros

Dine out of your personalised tableware and drinkware after creating them at Polkaros’ various workshops. Suitable for beginners who are working with clay for the first time, the ceramic tableware workshop teaches hand-building techniques such as slab and coil building as well as pinch pottery.

The drinkware workshop will allow you to create a ceramic glass of your choice using traditional pottery-making techniques while on a manual banding wheel. You'll also have the chance to show off your creative flair by painting your pieces with colourful underglazes.

For those seeking a more extensive course, check out the studio’s 7-week hand-building workshop that's centered around clay art and design. Gain an understanding of traditional hand-building methods, as well as discover ways to incorporate such techniques into your original designs. 

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3. Discover tufting at tuft club

Take home a tufted rug in a design of your choice. Tuft club, Singapore’s first tufting studio, teaches tufting—participants will use a specialised tufting gun to weave yarn through a cut of monk’s cloth, creating vibrant new rugs. 

Through the four hours rug tufting workshop, you’ll learn tufting techniques that include operating the tufting gun and design transferring on the monk’s cloth.

If a personalised rug sounds too daunting for your first attempt, opt for the three-hour tuft mirror workshop instead. You’ll also learn similar tufting techniques whilst creating a mirror with a hand-tufted frame.

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4. Create resin homeware at Resin Play

Pick up the fundamentals of crafting with resin at Resin Play. As its name suggests, the studio offers a plethora of resin art activities, from livestream demonstrations to private workshop parties. Through a range of workshop sessions at the studio, you can master the art of resin pouring, immortalise dried flowers in resin, or create agate-like coasters and cheeseboards. 

The studio also hosts advanced workshops for those who are seasoned resin meisters. Learn to create your own silicone mould without machines; after which you’ll be able to cast resin into the self-made moulds and craft a series of small objects such as jewellery pendants and charms. 

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5. Learn the art of tapestry weaving at With Autumn

Spruce up your rooms with a newly-woven decor piece. With Autumn’s beginner-friendly tapestry weaving workshop will cover all the basics you need to embark on your weaving journey. Learn more about the traditional art of weaving; whether it's planning tapestry designs or creating patterns and textures with a curated range of natural yarn and fibres. 

The studio will provide all the needed materials, from the weaving loom to the dowel, comb and needle, heddle stick, shuttles, and more. You can use the provided loom during the workshop, or opt to purchase your own from the studio after to bring home for more weaving fun.

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