Take design cues from the homes of BTS, Suzy Bae, Kang Daniel, G-Dragon, Exo’s Kai, Mamamoo’s Hwasa, Jennie and Rose from Blackpink. Plus, we identify some of their iconic furniture and decorative items, and where to buy them.

This story was first written on March 12, 2021 and updated on September 14, 2021. 

If you’re on the hunt for home design inspiration, there’s no better place to turn to than Korean celebrities. Their luxurious pads are often stylish havens, decorated flawlessly whilst reflecting their personal approaches to design.

Many Korean stars have also taken to sharing a glimpse of their homes through variety shows and social media. Below, we round up some of the most modish and contemporary dwellings from some of the most famous names in the Korean music industry.

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Bae Suzy

Anyone who’s familiar with the Hallyu wave—the Korean culture phenomenon that has enamoured fans around the globe—will be familiar with Bae Suzy. The Korean actress and singer is known for her chic taste, as evidenced by both her personal style and the interiors of her luxury abode. 

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The multi-hyphenate decorates her home with a cosmopolitan flair and feminine touches. The white walls in Bae’s abode serve as a neutral backdrop for her to incorporate vibrant furnishings and decor, thus creating an inviting sanctuary with loads of charming character. A velvet burgundy sofa adds colour to the living room, which doubles as a space for music.

Bae’s love for flowers and contemporary artworks can be seen throughout her abode. Ever the trend-setter, she owns several cult favourites decor pieces, including Anissa Kermiche’s popular Love Handles vase

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Kang Daniel

With a massive fanbase and one of the leading male solo acts in the Korean music industry, Kang Daniel is known to keep his private life shrouded from the media. Earlier this year though, he allowed the public a rare peek of his home in a special episode of hit Korean variety show I Live Alone

Appearing on the show as a promise to the hosts, Kang—a self-proclaimed homebody—revealed a glimpse of his relaxing life at home with his cats. Comfort is clearly key for the singer; a modular sofa, where Kang prefers to nap on, takes court in the living room, while cosy rugs with decorative patterns provide warmth and add a tactile layer to both the living area and the bedroom. 

The key feature of Kang’s abode is his lofty cat towers that line an entire wall in his living room. The pet-friendly space allows his feline companions a designated area to play and exercise, thus limiting their destructive tendencies throughout the rest of the space.

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Easily one of the biggest boy bands in the Korean music industry, BTS have become a household name across Korea and various parts of Asia. While each member owns their individual properties, the septet is also known to live in a shared apartment together in Hannam The Hill, one of the most exclusive apartment buildings in Asia. 

The group often posts snapshots of their home through social media and livestreams. The music video of their lead single Life Goes On, further revealed their contemporary dorm. Directed by member Jeon Jungkook, the video was filmed in their actual living space in order to convey an authentic feeling of being homebound due to the COVID-19 pandemic. A sleek leather couch—large enough for the entire septet—forms the default gathering area for the group. Cosy accents in the form of vibrant throws and plush cushions brighten the mood, while lush green plants breathe life and freshness into the space.

A separate version of the music video, dubbed On my pillow and also directed by Jeon, is shot in the master bedroom. Here, the space is also infused with personality. A photo shot by member V is framed on the wall alongside an abstract art print, while the members’ various cameras and musical instruments are proudly placed on display. 

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Blackpink’s Rosé

The Blackpink star, who’s also the global ambassador for French luxury house Yves Saint Laurent, lives in her apartment with her dog Hank. For her abode, the talented singer takes on a contemporary and cosy approach with earthy tones, natural textures and plush seats—including a dog-sized beanbag for her adorable canine companion.

Her penchant for neutral shades is displayed through various plush armchairs and large bean bags. Rosé also clearly keeps her finger on the pulse of the latest decor trends, with the latest Internet obsession—a trendy sunset projection lamp from Halo Edition—serving as the mood lighting for her birthday livestream.

The musician, who’s the proud owner of a limited-edition Supreme Fender Stratocaster, keeps her valuable instruments close by in her home. She adds a decorative touch to her interior with an eccentric Seletti mirror that features lipstick decals by Toiletpaper. This popular mirror can also be found in another member’s house, too (see below).

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Blackpink’s Jennie

Jennie’s stylish pad also features the playful mirror from Seletti; no surprise, given her disposition for fun and cheerful pieces.

Unlike Rose, Jennie seems to favour pastel shades as opposed to earthy tones. Her pad is decked out with pastel pink dividers, baby blue furnishings, and popular Gustaf Westman selections; her Bubble sofa by Sacha Lakic from Roche Bobois is another adorable pastel addition.

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To mark her 25th birthday, the singer recently started her own YouTube channel. Her introductory video gives fans a further glimpse inside her home, with a promise for more videos in the future.  

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It’s hardly surprising that the famous Big Bang star resides in a luxury penthouse reportedly worth millions. The apartment, which comes equipped with its own private elevator and terrace, exudes a charismatic aura with G-Dragon’s take on decor. 

The singer is also known to be an avid contemporary art collector. This is patently displayed throughout the star’s sprawling residence, with his dynamic collection—which includes the famous Ultrafragola mirror by Ettore Sottsass—injecting his home with much character and personality.   

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Mamamoo’s Hwasa has recently moved into a modern new apartment. Displaying an elegant, Scandi-chic vibe, her current dwelling consists of sleek and stylish fittings with nature-inspired influences.  

The talented singer has showcased her home on Korean variety show I Live Alone; whilst her bedroom looks snug and cosy enough, her oversized corner sofa takes it up a notch, radiating a super inviting and comfortable vibe.

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Exo’s Kai

Likewise, the popular Exo member recently showcased his luxurious bachelor pad on I Live Alone as well. The star showcased his design flair, revealing that he was personally involved in designing a large part of his home space.

He imagined the interior as a “blank canvas”, with key features such as a large modular sofa that takes centre stage in the living room and statement pendant lights in the kitchen becoming statement pieces that turn the empty canvas into an artwork.

Available locally in Singapore from Space Furniture, the Edra On the Rocks by Francesco Binfaré sofa is a highly customisable design that features removable backrests and modular seats that can be rearranged when needed.

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Besides his partiality for monochrome colours, Kai also designed his home with a maze theme; he built concealed doors that blend seamlessly into the wall, connecting different rooms to each other like hidden passages.