Cover The lamp is made from a mix of Flos' refined expertise as well as technologically advanced production techniques

Light up your interiors with this stylish statement lamp from Flos, as seen in the abodes of Korean stars like Park Seo-Joon

You might not have guessed it from its appearance, but the Noctambule lamp collection, created by German industrial designer Konstantin Grcic for Italian lighting manufacturer Flos, is inspired by night owls. How so? The answer doesn’t lie in its delicate sculptural form, but rather, its analogy.

“[It’s] mostly invisible during the day, but comes to glamorous activity at night-time. The analogy is fitting,” explains Grcic. “The new collection of lamps is made of blown glass modules, which are see-through and therefore almost inexistent at day-time. But, when you switch them on in the dark, they transform into georgeous, illuminated lamps.”

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The Noctambule lamp from Flos, which literally translates to “night owl” from French, quietly steals the show in any space. When sunlight hits the transparent glass during the day, the lamp casts mesmerising shadows on the ground. At night, it lights up with a soft glow that produces equally captivating shadows onto the wall.

The beauty of the minimalist lamp has caught the eye of tastemakers worldwide, including Korean actor and Itaewon Class star Park Seo-Joon. 

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The series Noctambule consists of a collection of blown glass modules in a variety of shapes. Besides the cylindrical glass module, there are also additional elements such as a glass dome or a cone-shaped head. These features can be stacked together to form a chandelier or a statement-making floor lamp akin to the one Park has in his living room.

The innovative design allows you to customise the lighting piece to suit your needs—choose a singular cylindrical glass module to function as a lamp or stack up to six different elements to form an eye-catching light column.

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While the lamp might be minimalist in design, it’s complex in production. Rather than lighting up the lamp within the glass module itself, Grcic chose to design the light source as an exterior element found between each column, which is connected via special rings with carefully calibrated LED technology. These unique rings power the lamps to emit a soft and warm glow. 

“(The technology) is discretely integrated into the junctions between the glass modules. Almost absent, but ready to be activated at any time,” says the designer. 

A work of art in itself, ​​the lamp integrates seamlessly into any interior with its modern structure that holds a timeless appeal. In Singapore, the Flos lamp retails at Space Furniture. Equal parts chic and striking, the Noctambule collection will definitely brighten up your interiors. 

  • PhotographySanti Caleca, for Flos
  • Art DirectionSimone Piermaria, for Flos
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