Cover Designed by Anissa Kermiche, the Love Handles vases playfully marry form and function. Image: Courtesy of Anissa Kermiche

Spotted in the abodes of Suzy Bae, Emily Ratajkwoski and Rosie Huntington-Whitley, this charming sculptural vase by Parisian designer Anissa Kermiche celebrates the female form

In a year that has had nearly everyone grounded at home, the demand for stylish homeware has been steadily heating up in popularity. Gone are the days of poised selfies; instead, a new crop of shelfies—a picture-perfect display of eclectic art, books, and other decor items like candles—has taken its place.

And in the sea of cult favourites, Anissa Kermiche’s Love Handles vase is a standout example. With a cheeky nature and a playful design, this sought-after vase has been frequently seen on social media feeds. The eye-catching vase has caught the eye of celebrities like models Emily Ratajkowski and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Korean celebrity Suzy Bae, and stylish tastemakers like Pandora Sykes and Leandra Medine; in Singapore, the vase is available through global luxury retailer Net-a-Porter

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Designed by Parisian designer Anissa Kermiche, the much-loved statement piece appeals with its organic form. Playfully shaped like a curvy derrière, the striking piece is designed to celebrate and empower the beauty of the female form. Handcrafted from ceramic, the vase features curved, feminine lines, accented with two small handles, and finished with a smooth texture. 

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Like most of Kermiche’s designs, the conversation-starting piece is meant to deliver the joy of not taking home decor too seriously. The design of these body-positive vases is a bold retaliation to Kermiche’s strict upbringing and corporate background in engineering. The feminine nature of Kermiche’s designs were created in reaction to strict structure of the still male-dominated industry. 

To break down conventional beauty standards, the vases are designed with natural roundness, bumps and irregularities as an ode to individuality and imperfections. The honest depiction of a woman was something that Kermiche wanted to translate into the design of the vase.

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The designer, who started out in the field of jewellery design and had already amassed clients the likes of Gigi Hadid and Elizabeth Moss, initially designed the vase for herself after she couldn’t find anything similar on the market. This soon led to orders from close friends, which then quickly gathered momentum when retailers spotted the piece.

It’s easy to note why the sculptural vase is a hot favourite within the realm of homewares. The creative form brings life to a space and makes for a great conversation-starter. While the Love Handle vase remains Kermiche’s most popular and iconic item, the design favourite has also led to other interiors offerings such as candlesticks and bookends, with all of them sharing the same thread: celebrating femininity.  

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