Cover A pair of coffee tables by Yves Klein brightens up this serene living room by Stéphanie Coutas (Photo: Francis Amiand)

Coffee tables are the unsung hero of living rooms—here, find a selection of the most stylish and popular surfaces to add to your space

Besides their functional purpose as a repository for your coffee, books and magazines as well as other paraphernalia, coffee tables also serve as a stylish design statement in your living room. With a wide range of shapes, sizes and styles, there’s a coffee table to suit nearly every aesthetic. 

If you’re in the market for a new coffee table, introduce a stylish touch to your living room with these designer- and celebrity-approved pieces.

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1. Noguchi coffee table by Isamu Noguchi

With a rich history and distinct form, this coffee table by Japanese-American industrial designer Isamu Noguchi is perhaps one of the most renowned mid-century designs. The sculptural coffee table highlights the beauty of simplicity with a clear glass tabletop and an interlocking wooden base that’s available in black, walnut or maple.

An on-screen darling that has appeared in shows such as Conan and The Big Bang Theory, the iconic piece is also featured in projects by Singapore-based firm RT+Q as well as the family home of Mid-Century Manila founders Ken and Isa Mishuku.

Available from Vitra

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2. Glas Italia Shimmer coffee table by Patricia Urquiola

Made from iridescent glass with a multi-coloured sheen, the Shimmer coffee table by Spanish architect and designer Patricia Urquiola delights with its colourful sparkle. After appearing in Korean hit drama Crash Landing on You, lead actress Son Ye-Jin was so taken by the Shimmer coffee table that she purchased another piece for her very own abode.

The curved table rests on slanted legs with rounded rims. When light catches the table at the right angle, the reflective form throws swirls of colourful shadows around the space with its special multichromatic shine.

Available from Space Furniture

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3. Yves Klein cocktail tables

In 1961, renowned French artist Yves Klein experimented with creating his very own tables. Unfortunately, the project was never fully realised by the artist due to a sudden heart attack at age 34; two years after his death, his widow, the German visual artist Rotraut Klein-Moquay, continued his legacy by producing the tables based on his original design.

The coffee table features loose pigment encased within a glass tabletop that sits on sturdy steel legs designed to appear invisible. The table is available in three materials most common to Klein’s works—International Klein Blue, a rich shade of ultramarine that’s the designer’s signature hue; a bright pink pigment; or 3,000 gold leaves.   

The Yves Klein Archives, led by his widow, currently oversees the production of the coffee table. Only a limited number of new copies are produced each year, resulting in a high demand for the tables. Fashion designer Philip Lim has the blue coffee table in his light-filled Manhattan loft, while interior designers like Stéphanie Coutas and Jaime Beriestain have recently completed projects featuring the iconic pieces.

Available from Artware Editions

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4. Eames Wire Base low table by Charles and Ray Eames

This iconic mid-century modern piece is the brainchild of designers Charles and Ray Eames, the influential American husband-and-wife design duo. As with plenty of other Eames designs, the table is an elegant result of mixing practical materials. The tabletop consists of seven layers of birch plywood that’s bevelled at a 20-degree angle, while the resistance-welded metal wired base speaks to Charles’ belief that “fantastic things [are] made of wire”.  

Portable and versatile, the Eames couple have famously used the table as a coffee table to serve chanoyu, the traditional Japanese tea ceremony, to special guests like Noguchi and film star Charlie Chaplin.

Available from Herman Miller and Vitra

5. Miniforms Soda coffee table by Yiannis Ghikas

This award-winning table by Greek designer Yiannis Ghikas for Italian furniture brand Miniforms is designed as a “funky” take on the traditional technique of glass-blowing.

Crafted entirely from Murano glass, each table is blown, drawn-out and shaped by three master glass-makers. A three-petalled stem supports a round tabletop with a hammered transparent glass surface that creates shimmering shadows when light passes through. The coffee table is currently only available in two colourways, a golden amber hue and a petrol green tone.

Available from Xtra

6. Candy Cube tables by Sabine Marcelis

Dutch designer Sabine Marcelis is known for her creative experimentation with light and colour. For her Candy Cube series of tables, the designer experimented with high-polished single cast resin in various pastel hues. The reflective surfaces feature glowing edges with a translucent touch.

Offering a playful charm to the room, the tables are available in fixed as well as custom sizes. Fashion stylist Margrethe Gilboe added her teal piece to a calming spot within her study room, while model Elsa Hosk and designer Jaime Beriestain are fans of the bedside table versions. 

Available from Studio Sabine Marcelis

7. Porada Infinity coffee table by Stefano Bigi

This coffee table by Italian-French designer Stefano Bigi is designed to be a flourishing style statement. The swirling interwoven base is meant to resemble the infinity symbol, with a metal ring attached to the bottom for extra stability, while the glass tabletop is tempered and designed to hold substantial weight.

The sculptural coffee table is a favourite with several Singapore-based firms, including K2SD and Design Intervention.

Available from Marquis QSquare

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