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It's important to keep green and clean, especially in the bathroom. Read on for more verdant inspiration that would delight even the most devoted of plant parents

For most people, the bathroom is a sanctuary. It's a personal space, where we can wind down and recharge after a hectic day of work or play. Amid the pandemic, many people have found respite here, filling it with the calming green hues of plants and succulents. But selecting the perfect bathroom plant doesn't come easy: lighting and humidity play an important role when taking this into account. Aloe vera, peace lilies, and lucky feathers are among the most popular (and hardy of) choices. 

If you're one of the many homemakers who prefer to incorporate plants in other ways, consider these real-wood bathroom lines that make design and green living much, much easier. 

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1. Cape Cod

The Cape Cod bathroom furniture collection fuses earthly material with modern design, creating an elegant option for those seeking natural respite. Made from natural wood, each piece is a unique addition—such as seen here in Vintage Oak. It is sure to complement any other green additions to the space and will remind homeowners of more natural environments, even amid the bustling city. 



2. ME by Starck Wall Mounted Toilet

A wall-mounted toilet is a modern addition to any 21st century bathroom. The ME by Stark water closet features a toilet seat and lid with soft closing mechanism, alongside the Duravit Rimless flushing technology and Sensowash Slim shower toilet seat. Each trip to the bathroom is sure to feel as relaxing with such high-tech innovation!

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3. DuraStyle

For a calming colour palette, turn to DuraStyle, a bathroom series deliberately designed to blend harmoniously unto any ambience. Its light colours fuse well with any previous interior design choice and was the first thing in mind when created by Matteo Thun & Partners. These classic pieces are a great investment for timeless design, and are a fantastic choice for those seeking to add a touch of calm to their surroundings. 


4. ME by Starck Ceramic with Brioso Furniture

Practical choices are imperative in the bathroom. ME by Starck introduces us to a whimsical yet functional asymmetric furniture washbasin, perfectly complementing a matching vanity unit from Brioso. Combined with drawers and open racks, these pieces are a necessary part of any bathroom. 

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5. D-Neo

Go back to your roots with organic materials. Though the bathroom can oftentimes be designed in other ways, the growing trend for natural aesthetics has created a huge demand for a look that goes back to the basics. Made from such materials as raffia, wood, and green plants, D-Neo combines such elements to create a warm atmosphere that brings about a sense of emotional intimacy—perfect for such a personal space.

Visit the Kuysen Design + Experience Center in Makati or the Kuysen Headquarters in Quezon City to check out more Duravit collections.  You may also shop in the safety of your homes at the Kuysen Online Store. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram to receive the latest updates.

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