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So what exactly makes a bathroom look and feel like a spa? Is it the scented candle? The soft and aromatic towels? The calming bulbs? Here a few suggestions to consider:

Going to the spa once or twice a week is a good way to relieve stress and prep your body for another day of work. Spa treatments like hot stone massages, facials, scalp conditioning, and pedicures can do wonders to your body in just one session. 

But the world is different now; the things we used to enjoy outside are now beyond our reach. In this article, we'll help you turn your bathroom into a mini-spa to help you unwind and relax after a long day:

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A spa-like bathroom should be free of dirt, organised, and clean. Make sure that bathroom essentials (towels, soaps, and whatnot) are kept neatly; tuck everything else in their designated storage areas. 

Storage strays and rattan baskets work well when you want to separate things in style. If you have time, you can group objects according to their use; for example, shampoos, hair masks, and facial scrubs can belong to bathing essentials, while makeup, skincare products, and hair gel can be grouped as cosmetics.

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Mix in Nature

Plants can instantly transform a room's environment. Displaying houseplants on counters, ledges, the floor, or hanging them from the ceiling will help make your bathroom look like a place for relaxation. 

In a previous article, we list down a few houseplants that require minimal care. Some of these are Lavender, a plant that gives off a welcoming and homely vibe; The Peace Lily, which is known to remove organic toxins such as alcohols, acetone, benzene, TCE and formaldehyde; or the calming Orchid which produces lovely and exotic-looking flowers.

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Curate Candles

Candles (especially the ones that smell so good) can easily enhance your bathroom's ambience. You may opt to place it near your bathtub or bathroom counter to help you de-stress anytime.

Make sure that flammable materials such as towels and bathroom curtains are far away from the candles to prevent fire and any other emergencies. 

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Invest in an Audio System

In malls and other public establishments, music plays a big role in keeping the place alive; this is pretty much the same thing when you're at home. Try installing a centralised audio system that plays calming music or meditation exercises you could practice while using the bathroom. 

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Install Calming Lights

Lighting will play a very big role if you want to turn your bathroom into a mini-spa. Downlights are very practical for general bathroom light; when installed, these appear to have light shining from a hole in the ceiling— a perfect way to make the area appear calmer.

To create a spa-like ambiance, you must consider installing one-watt, low-level LEDs that compliment your bathroom walls. 

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