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Even you can turn your bathroom into a safe haven with these simple tips

The bathroom is one of the most sacred spaces in the house. For some, it is where they feel most confident, while others find it as a place where they can strip away stress. Regardless, you can make this intimate space even more relaxing if spruced up the right way.

Get the most out of your bathroom in peace with these simple home design tips:

1. Set the mood with lighting

We're talking about added lighting that will absolutely transform your bathroom into a safe haven. Install lighting furniture such as lamps or spotlights so you can have enough lustre in the dark to read a book or enjoy a glass of vino. You may even add in LED lights that change colours for a more atmospheric bathroom.

2. Add in a speaker for ambience

If you're not one to enjoy the silence in solitude, try to drown out the white noise by using a portable speaker in the bathroom. It can be as immersive as you please. Consider playing birds tweeting, waves crashing or a mellow song in the background. It's also better and safer than using AirPods or headphones in the tub.

Tatler tip: If you want a thrilling experience, try to play 8D versions of your favourite song and enjoy it in surround sound.

3. Ditch the shower curtain

A great tip that will instantly transform your bathroom is to ditch the shower curtain and opt for an open plan. This can make your safe space appear bigger than it already is. It's the best way to save space. 

Tatler tip: Otherwise, you can have a glass door as an alternative and it won't make your bathroom appear too confined.

4. Frameless mirrors can do wonders

This is a trend that will never go out of style. Frameless mirrors can also be a great addition to the bathroom as they can make it appear more spacious. It's also easy to match with any bathroom design.  

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5. Play with colour, material and texture

There are many ways to style your bathroom. Don't be afraid to pair different colours with other materials and textures. To achieve a calming and neat look, try to decorate your bathroom using light, earth tones. Natural materials like rattan and ceramic can also do the trick. You may even match light hues with darker tones for a striking clash of colour.

6. Alcoves for storage and style

Our toiletries can clutter the bathroom. But it's not impossible to avoid making a mess, after all, that's what storage units are for. However, some units are bulky and can also take up space. Instead, rearrange your personal care products on alcoves. Apart from keeping your items organised, alcoves also make your bathroom look amazing.

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7. Decorate with plants

Another relaxing decor that should be added to your bathroom is house plants. You may add as little or as many as you prefer. There are certain plants that can even soak up the moisture in the bathroom such as peace lilies, palms, orchids and cactus among many others. A single potted plant can make a difference.

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