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Aside from a wise interior design investment, a stylish mirror can also up your style game!

I'm a huge fan of mirror selfies—and I'm sure plenty of other people are as well. For those who wish to level up their game (or simply invest in their living space), here are a few suggestions on where you can get the most stylish mirrors for your home. 

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1. West Elm

We start off with a classic circular mirror from West Elm. Bordered by metal, this oversized framed wall mirror adds a touch of contemporary design into any living space. It's perfect for those looking for something universally chic, and is a great way to add depth to rooms with empty wall space. The best part is, it comes in a variety of finishes, so homeowners can easily accessorise according to their interiors. 

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2. Furi Home

Furi Home's wavy mirror is a fun way to spice up your living space. It adds a touch of creativity to interiors at home, yet its chic frameless design also adds a touch of elegance to the room. Perfect for a mirror selfie, that's for sure. 

3. Nordal

Nordal's geometric mirror comes in two colourways; and we're particularly fond of the pink and black one. Its accent is an eye-catching detail that doesn't go unnoticed, yet its colour refrains from overpowering other interior design choices in the room. 

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4. Reflections Copenhagen

This chic stained-glass inspired mirror from Reflections Copenhagen is a fantastic accessory to any modern home. Geometric and colourful, it assures the homeowner of an exciting piece that adds a touch of elegance to the room. 

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5. Area Ware

Let your mirror reflect your mood. Area Ware offers mirrors that literally smile back at you—through if you'd prefer a frown or a grimace, that's totally fine too (and readily available)! 

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6. Katie Gillies

Katie Gillies designs quirky accessories that are best suited for the happy soul. Her designs range from blue to pink and green and come in a variety of sizes to easily decorate your table, or even your wall.

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7. Hamaika Studio

For something Filipino-inspired, we suggest Hamaika Studio's Cladia Mirror. Framed with abaca and wood accents, the Cladia Mirror is the perfect accessory to a beachfront home or vacation house. Having it in your room is another option, though we're hoping you'd be by the seaside to fully appreciate its aesthetic. 

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