Cover Bannie Kang, award-winning bartender and co-founder of Side Door

The award-winning bartender and co-founder of Side Door builds a cocktail and a mocktail for some respite from the weather

Electric appliances are integral to modern living, and choosing the perfect ones for a home has gone beyond just comparing different models' functions. LG's newest InstaView Refrigerator GS-X5982MC offers a vision of what an elevated proposition looks like with its extensive suite of features, stylish aesthetics and luxurious touches. These are best appreciated through actual use, of course; in this video, award-winning bartender Bannie Kang, who’s also the co-founder of private home dining concept Side Door, puts the LG InstaView Refrigerator through its paces over a mixology class.

The headlining feature of this LG InstaView Refrigerator is its ability to produce three different types of ice to meet various needs. Cubed and crushed ice, par for the course for modern refrigerators, are made and dispensed by the dispenser located on refrigerator door. What sets the LG InstaView Refrigerator apart is craft ice—slow-melting ice balls that keep drinks cold for a longer period of time—which are automatically produced and stored in the freezer. This function is a first in the industry, and marks a revelation for home mixologists and cocktail lovers who can now do away with expensive ice presses and tedious ice moulds. Topping things off here is the refrigerator's UVnano feature, which uses UV light to reduce 99.99 per cent of bacteria from the water dispensed by the water nozzle.

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The LG InstaView Refrigerator also offers several quality-of-life features that elevates its user experience. Its Door-in-Door design, for instance, doesn’t just present a sleek, stylish exterior, but also makes looking into the refrigerator and retrieving items from its door’s compartments a cinch. “Visible” features like these are, in turn, supported by invisible ones that LG has seamlessly integrated into the background. Take the Linear Cooling and Door Cooling+ technologies, for example. These two features work in tandem to reduce temperature fluctuations, with Door Cooling+ also helping to cool items on door shelves quickly. The overall effect is an optimally cold environment that keeps foods fresh for a longer period of time. In the same vein, LG’s Hygiene Fresh+ filtration system is capable of removing odours and up to 99.999 per cent of bacteria, which again helps to keep foods fresher and longer than ever.

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The LG InstaView Refrigerator’s groundbreaking feature of automatically making and storing craft ice, coupled with other new and innovative features, makes it a compelling choice for homeowners who appreciate a flagship device in the kitchen. A range of models have been launched to suit various requirements, with different exterior finishes to boot.

The LG InstaView Refrigerator (GS-X5982MC) retails at S$4,699 and is available through LG official brand stores on KrisShop, Lazada and Shopee, as well as these authorised retailers: Audio House, Best Denki, COURTS, Gain City, Harvey Norman, Mega Discount and Parisilk.

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