Cover The second floor of the Galerie 5 showroom, featuring llll.02.6 pendant lamps by IIII, a brand founded by Belgian artist-designer Sarah Dehandschutter

Located in a modern minimalist shophouse showroom, Galerie 5 presents a soothing mix of settings featuring hand-crafted lamps, statement pieces and smart home lighting

Within its light-filled minimalist interior, the new Galerie 5 showroom at Craig Road showcases its decorative lighting and objects in a soothing setting. The 3,800 sq ft venue is the third boutique by Singapore lighting purveyor Sol Luminaire.

The curved walls of the showroom create a cocooning atmosphere and an interesting contrast of light and shadow, encouraging guests to wander and discover various creative displays of lighting across the three floors of its shophouse space.

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From sculptural vessels to large pendant lights with rugged volcanic-inspired detailing, these collections celebrate the artisans’ passion for the craft and the modern ways they have used these traditional techniques.

“We wanted to keep the interior simple and retain the heritage facade while injecting a sense of newness with the use of modern materials. We also incorporated an organic approach when it comes to design with curved walls highlighted by soft lighting,” says Joseph Ho, co-founder of Sol Luminaire. “Visitors get to experience light as a medium of various art movements and styles as the five featured brands and artisans bring about new ideas that combine interdisciplinary approaches, material exploration and circadian rhythm to engage all five senses.” 

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Lighting collections carried exclusively in Singapore at Galerie 5 include designs by Ukrainian firm Makhno Studio and Belgian artist-designer Sarah Dehandschutter of IIII. Aside from decorative lighting, the showroom also retails furniture from multidisciplinary French artist Frédéric Saulou, ceramic pieces by American artist Philip M. Soucy of The Soucy Shop, as well as tableware by New York-based design firm Sticky Glass.

More designs and collaborators are also in the pipeline as the homegrown retailer seeks to expand its brand portfolio; these include the work of Vancouver-based talent Isac Elam Kaid, who specialises in working with wet gypsum and powdered stone to create limited-edition design objects.

“We primarily seek partners who think out of the box, integrating elements of lighting in their designs [such that] the lamp acts as an art object; and when turned on, it provides an added dimension to the interior,” adds Ho. “We want to be a local platform that highlights under-the-radar artisanal brands and artists; we see our working relationships with the brands as joint collaborations that form part of our design community.” 

Here, we pick out some of the notable collections now on display in the showroom: 

1. llll.02.6 pendant lamps

The brainchild of Belgian designer Sarah Dehandschutter, these pendant lights feature a sculptural profile, suspended with curved rods  and with plain white fabric or a textile spun with a copper wire that results in a warm golden glow when lit.

2. Makhno Studio Crust lamps

The Crust lamps by Ukrainian-led Makhno Studio feature a ceramic shade with patinated and rugged textures inspired by the crust of active volcanoes. Like all designs by the Ukrainian multidisciplinary design firm, each lighting piece is made uniquely for each home and can be customised in an almost unlimited array of options.

3. Aeon Gypsum Globe

Aeon, the in-house brand by Sol Luminaire, specialises in architectural downlights—it was first introduced in 2010 to offer functional and elegant designs. The Gypsum limited-production series is one of its recent collections. It features a curvy concave form that softens the intensity of the light source and is a playful alternative to the typical sleek and angular downlights.

4. Aeon Isa V3 Tunable White

Another notable collection from Aeon is the Isa V3 Tunable White. It’s currently on display on the third floor of Galerie 5; visitors can try adjusting the intensity and colour temperature of the lamps via a smartphone app to create different ambiences depending on the occasion and time of the day.

Scheduling the colour temperature changes of your lighting can make your bedroom more conducive for a restful slumber. By switching from the cool to warm settings during the hours closer to your bedtime, the hue of the lighting adapts to your circadian rhythm, signalling to your body that it’s time for sleep.

5. Unique Vases from The Soucy Shop

Pittsburgh-based clay artist Philip M. Soucy of The Soucy Shop revels in material experiments with the medium, and his decorative vessels are certainly the embodiment of his playful creative ethos. Combining a mix of coiling techniques, these accent pieces feature ribbed details and other handmade touches that hark to the appearance of fingerprints and palm lines.

Galerie 5 is located at 50 Craig Road, Tel: 6610 7221

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