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Ever wondered what it would be like to be a character in Euphoria? Reflect the glamour of this HBO series in your own space

Euphoria has been a fan-favourite ever since the release of the HBO series in June 2019. Everything about its aesthetic—from the make-up and clothes to the interiors—has been wildly sought after. Fortunately creating the energy and atmosphere captured by the show is possible. Adapting the interior design look of Euphoria's aesthetic in your own home might just be the most memorable way of appreciating the show. 

Here are a few pieces that can help you encapsulate the vibe of Euphoria and may make you feel like you are living in Sam Levinson's hit series.

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1. Groovy Statement Piece

This limited edition hand-sculpted glass mirror objet d'art is definitely a must-have. It exudes glamour as well as playfulness. Euphoria always has a party happening. This objet d'art created by Rotganzen for Kelly Wearstler will make you feel like you are always on the dance floor and thus, giving you an all-around positive vibe.  

2. Lavish Beddings

The second someone mentions Maddy, we automatically think of her iconic silk beddings, given that it has appeared in a number of her scenes. Everything about Maddy radiates confidence and it's probably because of her luxurious silken sheets that are not only gorgeous but have a number of benefits. Silk beddings prevent tangles and frizz for hair, in comparison to other fabrics that create friction.

The bedlinen does not irritate sensitive skin and can even minimise wrinkles. You may just wake up feeling extra restored and refreshed. Which is probably why Maddy is always ready to face whatever the day throws at her.

The Lilysilk seamless silk sheet set is a great example, with its soft, smooth, and light features that glide seamlessly on the body. Made from natural and pure silk, the skin benefits and the breathability of the material are unmatched. 

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3. Funky Mirror

There is definitely a really cool mirror involved if we are talking about Euphoria! If any of the characters had their hands on this Ettore Sottsass Ultrafragola Mirror, they would be found taking endless photos—showing off their outfits, make-up looks, and everything in between. Perhaps a whole scrapbook might even be made by Cassie. What is a great selling point about this mirror is its ability to be appreciated by all ages. It can be a chic statement piece in a minimalist, Scandi -nspired home as well as the perfect frame for OOTD's in a young fashionista's bedroom.

The wavy mirror is not just great for selfies but also functions as a piece of art. The light fixtures have a colourful neon light that also reflects the essence of Sam Levinson's artistic direction. 

4. Low-level Bed

Low-level beds have a modern yet free and easy style which is a prominent aesthetic that Euphoria holds. The Philux Tahoe bed is perfect for sleepovers; just like the ones your favourite girls on Euphoria typically enjoy. The low-level bed creates an inviting and approachable feel in the bedroom and can encourage conversations and bonding. 

5. Eye-catching Wallpaper

Step out of the norm and get yourself a striking wallpaper. Most of the characters' bedrooms have playful and eye-catching wallpaper as opposed to a solid coloured walls. A funky wallpaper is reflective of someone's personality. If you are a playful young thing like Cassie, we suggest the Feline wallpaper of Kelly Wearstler's collection. The best thing about wallpaper is that there are so many to choose from and you can always mix and match the prints. Express yourself through your walls and have fun with print!

6. Fun Lighting Fixtures

Selecting proper lighting fixtures for the overall look is tricky as it can totally transform a space. Fortunately, Terzani offers a wide range of fixtures that can make your choice much easier.

Sam Levinson's visual concept for Euphoria is all about creating the perfect light. With that being the case, investing in the perfect fixtures that capture the best of you is worth the effort. The Orten'zia by Terzani is elegant, unique, and bold. It also has a spirited characteristic to it—an adjective that fits right in with the cast of Euphoria

7. A Cool Candle is a Must

The use of candles can really set a mood and create a scene. With Euphoria's alluring setting in mind, candles are essential. The scent of your candle can exhibit your feminine and/or masculine side. More often than not, scented candles can elevate and impact the way a room is enjoyed and experienced. If you are feeling more rebellious than romantic, go for a statement candle such as the Do Not Harm one by The 125 Collection. It smells lovely and makes for a great conversation starter.   

8. Neon Signs 

The aesthetic of Euphoria has that retro and grungy look to it, with that nightlife energy. Signature statement pieces such as neon signs are a great way to add a personal touch. Have fun with it, but do not forget that it is something that everyone who comes in your space will remember. Yellowpop, operated from London, has a vast amount of neon signs to choose from. While you may be tempted to try out every single one, better to stick to the few that really capture your personality. 

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