Cover Selecting curvaceous shapes for your decor lends a cosy and tactile feel to the room

Looking to do more craft projects now that you're spending more time at home? We share some easy and stylish do-it-yourself decor ideas to try; these can be kid-friendly, too

An easy decor craft project can instantly imbue your space with character and personality. Besides putting your creative skills to test, decor craft projects can add an energetic vibrance to your home whilst keeping you updated on design trends. Here, we share tips on how you can combine contemporary pastel tones with curvy elements to embrace both pattern and colour in your homes. 

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1. Frame your photos

Painting not your thing, but feeling creative nonetheless? Craft a tabletop still life using all your favourite curved pieces, take a high-resolution photograph of your efforts on your phone and take the image to your local print shop. After it’s printed, simply grab a classic gallery frame and proudly display it.

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2. Paint your decorative trays

A handmade piece doesn’t need to be perfect to be charming: leave behind all that perspective stuff you learnt in art class and free-flow your way through a curve-filled design until your piece brings you joy.

Get the look with a plain plywood tray and poster paints in complementary shades from your local art-supply store; here, we’ve used a cool coffee shade, a dusty pink, a deep ochre and a soft terracotta to evoke sandy dunes and sunset skies.

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3. Create mobile art

Add movement to your space with a handmade mobile. This is a great project to do with kids. Don’t be too particular about having even folds and regular shapes; the more hand-made it looks, the better.

Work on this do-it-yourself project with scissors, colourful cards, chopsticks, artist’s wire and double-sided tape, all of which can be sourced from your local art-supply store. Use chopsticks to make a cross, and wrap some artist’s wire tightly around the cross-section to secure. About 2cm from each of the ends, wrap more wire tightly around, leaving a little piece to create a hook shape. This is where the strip of paper shapes will hang from. Do the same at the cross section, too.

Fold each shape in half and make a pin hole in the middle of the fold. Thread a length of wire through; here, we used three to five shapes per strip. Lay the pieces flat and space them out, stick down the wire and cards, and use double-sided tape on the inside. Make a loop of wire at the top end of each strip, then hang each strip from the cross.

You may need to move the pieces around to get a good balance, and add or remove shapes until your mobile hangs comfortably. Trim off excess wire. To suspend the entire mobile, attach the wire to the central midsection, finish with a loop at the top and hang it at your favourite spot.

4. Use Vases in Creative Ways

Add an avant-garde touch to your coffee table with arched vessels and a curvy candleholder. And remember, small vases aren’t just for flowers—they look just as charming when used to store stationery and art materials. 

5. Use removable wall decals

Transform your space with colour and curves — without any pesky paint fumes — by using removable vinyl wall stickers. These are really easy to install, and can also be moved around should you fancy a change and want to create a new configuration.

This stylish tableau is created with vinyl stickers from Stickaroo; the vintage Tulip chairs by Eero Saarinen are the stylist’s own.

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