Cover K&H Design created a soft pink bedroom with a princess theme completed with a pair of coronets (Photography: Simon Brown)

Is your child’s bedroom in need of a revamp? Elevate their room with these creative ideas from celebrity homes, including the abodes of Kim Kardashian West and Gigi Hadid

Looking to create a whimsical space that your young ones will love? A children’s bedroom is perfect for exploring creative ideas that will spark their imagination. As kids use their bedrooms for various activities—from drawing and reading to playing and catching naps—their space should be comfortably functional whilst reflecting their personal characters.

Draw inspiration from these stylish children’s bedrooms—including Kim Kardashian West’s and Gigi Hadid’s—to create a chic cocoon for your little ones.

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1. Layer up to create a cosy vibe

Add character and warmth your child’s bedroom by layering a range of fabrics, prints, colours and textures. For her newborn Khai Hadid Malik, model Gigi Hadid created a bohemian-chic nursery with an orange colour palette.

The space is replete with furnishings that offer a tactile appeal, from the rattan chairs and textural bird decals to the wicker baskets and soft blankets. A mountain of cushions and pillows fills the space on a rattan sofa, creating a cosy area for the model to cuddle with her child.

Hadid also created a mini library within the room by incorporating display shelves that showcase a plethora of children’s titles from close friends.

2. Blue dream

Graphic patterns and shapes can make a lively impact in your child’s bedrooms. Tel Aviv-based designer Sarit Shani Hay, who has spent 25 years designing children’s spaces, created a stylish sanctuary for a young one with a palette of blue and white tones as well as wooden textures.

The cool blue hues around the room add a calming effect, while the elliptical shapes create a visually pleasing space. Shani Hay also incorporated various motifs on the stackable storage shelves for a graphic element.

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3. Allow space for imagination

When designing a kid’s bedroom, it’s important to design spaces for young ones to stimulate their creativity. This creates a holistic habitat that cultivates learning and play and allows them to grow their imagination.

For a young family of four, local design studio KGID created colourful kid-friendly spaces with individual travel and princess themes. Both spaces feature vibrant colours and little canopies that provide a sense of privacy. 

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4. Small details matter

Transform your children’s bedrooms into a fairytale space with specially curated features that add a personalised touch. London-based studio K&H Design created a romantic princess-themed room for a family’s daughter who requested a space that’s decorated in her favourite shade of pink.

They sourced for unique coronets to be placed atop each bed, while a few whimsical hand-painted fairies living on the wardrobe doors were courtesy of a locally commissioned artist.

For the boy’s bedroom, the designers adhered to the request to create a room with contrasting shades of blue and red and crafted a young explorer’s dream room—complete with aviation, cars, and astrological aspects for an adventure to space. Details such as a plane model hanging from the ceiling as well as matchbox cars that serve as wardrobe handles add a playful atmosphere to the room.

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5. An industrial-chic bedroom

While an industrial-chic bedroom style might not be the first thing that’d come to mind when planning concepts for your child’s bedroom, the design aesthetic holds a sense of timelessness  that allows the room to grow up alongisde them.

In this stylish bedroom designed by Dennis Cheok, creative director of local design firm UPSTRS_, the bright space features a large crate-like bedframe as well as white brick wallpaper that adds a texture-like appeal. Cheok incorporated fabrics in various hues to soften the space, with curtains sectioning off a private retreat that functions as a study nook and play area. 

6. Use space-saving furnishings

If you have an army of young ones sharing a room, opt for furniture pieces such as bunk beds and built-in shelves to help maximise space. In this colourful bedroom designed by Martyn Lawrence Bullard, the custom bunk beds are flanked by a wall of built-in shelves that double as bedside tables. Playing with colours and patterns, the designer also used the client’s existing collection of vibrant Mexican folk toys and children’s books as part of the decor.

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7. Create a safari-themed room

Introduce some friendly jungle animals to adventurous little ones with a vibrant wallpaper. French interior designer Dorothée Simon designed a whimsical setting for two young children by employing the use of a safari wallpaper with animal motifs selected by the clients. The jungle animals add a playful touch to the room, while the dark teal shade of the bunk bed injects a sense of calm.

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8. Try wall decals

Graphic patterns can instantly bring life to a room. Spruce up the walls with removable decals that you can easily switch over time as your little one grows older. Whether you opt for educational ABC alphabet decals or large patterned stickers, kid-friendly wall decals can also help to foster creativity apart from adding a stylish flair to the room.

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9. Add a personal touch

Take a leaf from American singer-songwriter Halsey’s book and try creating a personal gallery wall in your child’s bedroom by hanging vibrant pieces of artwork, quirky wall coverings, as well as meaningful objects and decorations. You can also add items that carry a special memory, such as art that they have created or special objects that they collected on a holiday. This allows your child to feel an instant attachment to the room and creates a sense of nostalgia and warmth within the space.

10. Pretty in pink

If your young one is a huge fan of a single colour, go all out and create a monochromatic space drenched in the hue. Designed by Belgian designer Axel Vervoordt, North West’s bedroom is a pink haven. The firstborn of Kim Kardashian West and Kanye had strong input on how she wanted to decorate her space, with the giant butterfly headboard forming the visual focal point of the room.

Vervoordt broke up the monotony of the single colour by layering the space with various textures and tones. The designer also played with an asymmetrical layout with two different wall mirrors and bedside settings.

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