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Immerse yourself in the new trend for zen-tech, beautifully designed gadgets that take the stress out of de-stressing

The benefits of meditating are exponential, yet the journey to finding one's inner calm can be a struggle. And while the advances in Smart Homes come on in leaps and bounds with the aim to make life easier, the new generation of “mind machines” promise to get us to our mindfulness goals faster, deeper, and better—often even without needing us to “learn” how to meditate.

These pieces of zen-tech often seem to understand our failings. Several innovations even remove the need for mobile apps, thus mitigating our natural temptation to drift to our screens.

Here are five zen-tech gadgets that combine human and manufactured technology to make your home and life calmer.

1. Melo

Breathing is the bedrock of any mindfulness practice, and Melo aims to guide you to calmer breath without ever having to look at a screen.

A beautifully simple pebble-shaped device that sits comfortably in your palm, Melo allows you to choose between haptic feedback and/or LED patterns to coach you through three different breathing exercises.

It's also portable, so taking a discreet #melomoment wherever you feel the need is possible.

Available at The Wellbeing.

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2. Morphée

Designed to look comfortingly analogue, Morphée is a lovely tactile object with a wooden casing and brass keys. The tactile keys also allow you to select your preferred relaxation in the dark.

While the object may look old school, it holds the software for more than 200 guided meditations and relaxation sessions. 

Aiming to help you fall asleep quickly and sleep deeply, choose between eight- to 20-minute programmes, a male or female guide, headphones (not included) or a speaker.

Themes include nature sounds (you can fall asleep to the sound of a cat purring), relaxing songs, visualisations and sleep aids, many of which are based on sophrology, a dynamic relaxation method. 

Available at Morphée.

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3. Sensiks VR pod

As virtual reality (VR) starts to infuse into the mainstream, the possibilities of how it could help us destress are intriguing. Imagine if you could step away from your home office and straight into a beautiful day at the beach and feel the warm sun on your skin.

This is precisely what's possible if you step into a Sensiks VR pod. Designed by Dutch med-tech company Sensiks, these experience pods encourage a ‘brain-switch’ from a state of passive observation to active participation, making it a hyper-realistic experience.

Pods come with a headset for an immersive experience.

Available at Sensiks.

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4. Muse meditation headband

If your thoughts inevitably stray when you're attempting to meditate, consider the Muse meditation headband, which works to bring you back to the task at hand.

Equipped with in-built sensors that sit on your forehead to read your brainwaves while you follow the guided meditation (via the mobile app), you’ll hear a gentle cue that will nudge you as soon as your mind wanders back on track.

Available from Muse.

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5. Core

Focusing on something in your hands while meditating indeed helps, and the Core ball by Hyperice styles itself as your personal meditation trainer.

Using dynamic vibrations and feedback to help you relax, focus and stay consistent, hold the ball in your hands whilst making your way through Core’s playlist of meditation and breath work coaches while gentle vibrations and lights guide your breathing.

Meanwhile, ECG sensors are located where your thumbs sit to collect bio feedback, which will measure the success of each session. 

Available from Core.


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