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These Instagram accounts are the ultimate inspiration for minimalist homes and their homemakers

Looking to lessen? Minimalist homes are all the rage—but it's just not popular for being popular. This design style has benefits for those looking to lighten and declutter. If you're wondering where or how to start, check out these Instagram profiles for inspiration. 

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1. Bright, white, & minimalist

Minimal Wohnen is an interior design blog run by a German designer. Here, white walls and wooden accents are the mainstays of the home. All the rooms are well-lit, simple, and stylish, evocative of a type of calm that is imperative in every home. 

2. Japanese Zen

The Japanese are known for having their own take on minimalism. Often inspired by Zen Buddhism, this type of Asian influence is becoming increasingly popular around the globe. Check out Shunpei Noto's personal blog to see how this young professional keeps his home minimalist in the modern age. 

3. Moody minimalism

Based in Oslo, Katerina Dima is a creative director and photographer popular for her pleasing shots of simple interiors. Often moody and melancholic, her photos inspire the minimalist movement by showcasing plenty of white walls, simple furniture, and even a touch of industrialist decor that includes geometric silhouettes and straightforward lines. 

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4. Minimalism reinterpreted

This Instagram account curates some of the best photos online for inspiration. Though it's all devoted to one particular interior design style, they manage to find different reinterpretations of the same method, making it a fantastic resource for those looking to get creative. 

5. Minimalist decor

Take a cue from lifestyle blogger, Deborah, as she shares some of her most inspiring photographs on social media. Most of her images are of graceful decor that can liven up even the most ascetic of minimalists—perfect for those who wish to spruce up their space while remaining simple yet elegant. 

6. Minimalist tableware

Though some tablescapes capitalise on maximalism, a handful of designers prefer a more subtle way of making things on the table pop. Louise Roe does just that with their artful designs of both glassware and furniture. Next time you host dinner consider opting not for the ostentatious but for the extraordinary instead. 

7. Minimalist Bible

Minimalist Bible posts only once a day because in true minimalist fashion, they believe that "any more would be excessive". Browse through their curated feed filled with some of the most elegant, inspiring interiors you can find online! From closets to bathroom settings, you may just find yourself turning to a more minimalist look yourself. 


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