Cover Karena Lam (Photo: Anna Koustas)

On July 14, swarms of the city’s biggest fashion influencers descended upon K11 Musea’s Arts and Cultural Centre to glimpse the latest iteration of Louis Vuitton’s annual Objets Nomades exhibition, a collection of travel-inspired furniture and objects made by international designers

When and where? July 14 at K11 Musea’s Arts and Cultural Centre

Who? Elva Ni, Stephanie Au, Karena Lam and Edwin Chuang

Here's what you missed: The invitation only event saw the sixth floor venue at the Victoria Dockside retail destination transform into a kaleidoscopic wonderland of blue, pink, green, orange and purple, creating an arresting showcase of pieces and guaranteeing mass Instagram exposure.

The fashion set showed up in force: Faye Tsui and Elva Ni arrived dressed head-to-toe in the French brand and posed alongside the limited-edition furniture pieces, holding the gaze of assembled paparazzi. Actress Karena Lam and Olympic swimmer Stephanie Au, each of whom often travels for work but has been grounded due to the pandemic, basked in the transportive nature of the event, which evoked the most exciting aspects of travel. Both  spoke to fans and members of press about their favourite pieces from the collection and where they imagined placing these items in their own home.

Since the launch of Objets Nomades in 2012, Louis Vuitton has collaborated with designers from around the globe. Creative director Frank Chou is a new name to the Objets Nomades ranks, and his striking Signature Armchair and Sofa debuting this edition felt momentous. His pieces were positioned at the entrance of the exhibit, setting the stage for Asian talent to present the latest innovations in home furnishings.

London-based designers Raw Edges returned to Objets Nomades with their Cosmic Table, a disc of bevelled glass set atop a futuristic, interlocking carbon-fibre base. Vuitton’s iconic monogram flower received a redesign by the Marcel Wanders Studio, another frequent Objet Nomades collaborator known for whimsical creations. Here, the studio’s Petal Chair took the shape of a blooming flower.

Finally, São Paolo-based Fernando and Humberto Campana, aka the Campana Brothers, delighted the eye and ignited the imagination with their pieces, including the enveloping Bulbo lounge chair (affectionally known as the Game of Thrones chair among the Tatler team), the rainbow-hued Aguacate Multicolore artwork crafted from leather straps, and their Merengue pouffes, designed to evoke the swirls and folds of meringues, in calfskin and wool.

The show brought a sense of wanderlust back to the city by recreating excitement around travel again. Around the world in 80 minutes? Jules Verne would be impressed.

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