Cover The glamorous lounge area features metallic details and earthy-toned furnishings that ground the look of the space

Antone by D designs an impressive office with an inviting interior inspired by the comforts of luxurious residences and hotels

It’s the personal touches that help make a space extra cosy, be it a home or an office. Backed by over two decades of design experience, Divya Anthony certainly understands this. “I create and design spaces that bear the characteristics of the clients and are personal to them; I see myself as a tool in articulating what their aspirations are,” says the founder of local studio Antone by D. 

She recently designed a 1,580sqft office that embodies all of these, and more. Located in a high-rise building in River Valley, it features a grand private office for the owner, a conference room, and a spacious lounge where the owner would enjoy having drinks with his most important business associates.

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“The client’s brief was to give him a space where he could entertain his clients; one that did not look like an office but more like an actual home that also represented his lifestyle and love of hosting,” she says.

Indeed, Anthony’s attention to detail is evident in the quality materials used and the well-crafted pieces selected, and how various elements interact with one another; Anthony collaborated closely with luxury retailers such as Royal Interiors to hand-pick the furnishings.

The custom-made bronze-tinted side tables echo the metallic trimmings on the wall sconces, as well as the special champagne-leaf cove ceiling. A beautiful crystal chandelier from St Louis floats overhead to cap off the interior’s luxurious look, and a mirrored ceiling catches the eye in the conference room.

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Altogether, this stunning unit was designed in four months, and looks as stunning as it is functional. Every element and detail in the space is carefully selected and designed to reflect the sense of understated luxury that was envisioned for the space.

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