The Philippines' largest edtech platform will expand its K-12 tutoring programme

Henry Motte-Muñoz, founder and chief strategy officer of, continues his mission of empowering millions of young Filipinos with the completion of the company’s latest round of funding. The largest edtech platform in the Philippines has now raised over US$5 million, which, according to Motte-Muñoz, will be directed toward developing its online K-12 tutoring service Edge Tutor.

“We've seen some very positive market reception,” says Motte-Muñoz, a 2018 Gen.T honouree, about the new service that was launched in June. “We taught over 1,000 hours in our first few weeks, and 97 per cent of students enjoyed their sessions. Which is incredibly important after such a rough two years of remote learning.”  

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The founder plans to grow Edge by expanding its coverage beyond mathematics and English, offering the service to those between 15 and 18 years old, and introducing new formats, including group classes for social learning.

“We also have plans on creating content that can be accessed for free to ensure that even students from lower-income families still get access to quality K-12 content,” he adds. 

Motte-Muñoz describes Edge Tutor as highly complementary to’s free services. Finder, its guidance platform and search engine for academic options, is used by eight million Gen Z Filipinos aged 14 to 24; while Advance, its soft skills training programme, trained 500,000 learners in the same demographic last year. Edge rounds out as a premium service that covers English, from phonics to professional correspondences, and mathematics, from writing numbers to calculating fair market value, for students aged four to 14. 

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These services perfectly parallel the three skills Motte-Muñoz believes are most important for success in life, both professional and personal. The tech leader identifies foundational skills (“literacy, numeracy, which are acquired in K-12”) and specialised skills specific to an industry as primary factors for future success. 

Mott-Muñoz also prioritises soft skills, which he describes as “everything from critical thinking to the ability to work in a team, communicate effectively, and time management”, and finally, “personal alignment—figuring out what fuels you, what gets you up in the morning. That sense of purpose can go a long way in terms of putting up with long hours, difficult team dynamics, or tasks and targets that seem impossible.”

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