From Coding To University Prep: Ruangguru Expands Edtech Platform Through Acquisition Of Startups Schoters and Kalananti

By Heidi Yeung

This move is set to further empower the young people of Indonesia, where a huge number of children have no access to education

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Muhammad Iman Usman
Cover  Ruangguru co-founder Muhammad Iman Usman

Indonesia’s largest online learning platform, Ruangguru, has acquired two edtech startups, Schoters and Kalananti. The acquisition’s financial details were not disclosed.

With the acquisition, Ruangguru users will be able to access Schoters’ educational tools and Kalanati’s coding training programmes.

Ruangguru’s primary objective has been to support students preparing for further education at universities in Indonesia. Meanwhile, Kalananti teaches coding to children between five and 12 years old, and Schoters helps students prepare for undergraduate and postgraduate degrees overseas.

Co-founded by Muhammad Iman Usman and Belva Devara, Ruangguru not only improves access to quality education for children in Indonesia, but it also offers what is said to be one of the largest mobile-based teacher training platforms in the country. "[We want to] improve accessibility, in particular, to allow underprivileged students to better access education and gain a better livelihood," says Iman, whose vision for his ed-tech startup has been “to make the biggest impact possible”.

This held true even during a global disaster. When the coronavirus pandemic swept across the globe in 2020, Ruangguru began providing free online schools for students from grade one to 12 daily, reaching more than 5 million students.

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