Sustainability has been at the forefront of everyone's minds this year. Here are the young people using their resources in Singapore to make a difference

Every year, Tatler Singapore releases a list of 300 of the most inspiring, influential, ambitious, entrepreneurial and innovative young leaders from across Asia.

In an attempt to recognise the incredible work done by our young leaders, we honour and highlight these individuals and what they are doing across various sectors and industries. 

This year, one thing that has been on everyone's mind is the topic of sustainability. From reducing our carbon emissions to pushing companies to do better for our planet, going green has become increasingly important. 

Below, we highlight five young individuals on our Gen.T list who have been instrumental in pushing for a more eco-conscious scene in Singapore.

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1. Lincoln Yin, Founder and CEO, RABC Group

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Green finance has become increasingly familiar to many this year and Lincoln Yin, the founder and CEO of  RABC Group, understands that more than most. RABC Group is behind Banco, a digital banking platform that aims to connect small businesses and small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) with capital.

The company, which has investors such as SBI Holdings and Marketnode, allows SMEs to access financing easily while enhancing traceability and transparency safeguards to protect financial institutions from fraud using AI and blockchain technology. They are also working tirelessly to drive interest in green finance across Southeast Asia.

2. Ted Chen, Co-founder and CEO, Evercomm

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Ted Chen is the co-founder of Evercomm, a software company that uses the power of technology to champion changes for a sustainable future.

This cleantech startup works towards decarbonisation by adopting a data-driven approach to improve businesses’ energy and operational efficiency without sacrificing production.

They do this by tracking their real-time energy consumption, waste and actual need in order to help them manage energy as a strategic resource.

3. Tan Jiale, Co-founder and CEO, Esgnie

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Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) considerations are at the core of many investment strategies these days with companies touting their standpoints on identifying material risks and growth opportunities. However, how do we accurately track a company’s ESG performance?

This is where Tan Jiale, the co-founder and CEO of Esgnie comes in. Esgnie is an AI-powered investment analysis tool that helps funds draw better insights from unstructured data while comparing them against sustainability standards. Only needing little human supervision, this is a revolutionary system that is set to change the way companies monitor their sustainability efforts.

4. Rebecca Ting, Co-founder and Creative Director, Beyond The Vines

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Beyond The Vines is pretty much a household name in Singapore at this point, with many fans who love its stylish clothes and accessories. The brand, which was started by Rebecca Ting and her husband Daniel in 2015, has since grown into one of Singapore’s most notable design studios and retail brands.

This year, the brand partnered with Singapore Airlines to create lifestyle products constructed using upcycled aircraft parts and materials in an attempt to give back to the environment, earning Ting a coveted spot on our list. 

5. Andrew Wong, Associate Director, Trirec

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Sustainable technology is important now that we are moving forward in this digital age; and this is why Andrew Wong, the associate director of Trirec is focused on funding the sustainable technology of the future.

Trirec as a company focuses mainly on backing cleantech and renewable energy projects across Asia-Pacific and North America. This year was particularly monumental for the company though as it became a lead investor in the Series A rounds of Singaporean battery rejuvenation startup Green Li-ion and Chinese plant-based meat company Youkuai.

With their support, smaller companies focused on sustainability can continue the good work they are doing for our environment. 


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