Cover Gordon Ramsay's new pizza restaurant in London, Street Pizza. Photo: Gordon Ramsay official Facebook page

This hot-headed, ultra-famous, and talented chef has several Michelin stars under his belt, gaining recognition the world over—even crossing into the world of television.

With more than 30 restaurants across the globe and over 10 television hits, Gordon Ramsay is the ultimate celebrity chef. Here, we list seven of his most iconic series, capturing the many dimensions of this culinary idol.

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Hell’s Kitchen

Through a series of aptitude challenges, heated dinner services, and emotional elimination rounds, Gordon whips chefs into shape with a heavy hand to decide who is worthy of a head chef/executive chef title at a restaurant of his choosing.  

Why it’s iconic: Hell’s Kitchen is where Ramsay’s hot-tempered character truly shines, gifting the audience with some of his most memorable insults.

Stay to see: How many celebrity diners you can spot at the dinner services - lookout for Kris Jenner, Randall Park, and the late and great Stan Lee!

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Kitchen Nightmares

Gordon makes his way through the United States attempting to revive failing restaurants on the brink of closure.

Why it’s iconic: From vulgar customer service to unhygienic food practices, Kitchen Nightmares features some of the most ridiculous restaurant realities, delivering a spectacular shock factor that keeps your eyes glued to the screen.  

Stay to see: The barrage of irate exchanges between Gordon Ramsay and passionately disagreeing restaurateurs.

Bonus: If you enjoyed Kitchen Nightmares, check out Hotel Hell - a series with a similar premise, focusing on hotels instead of restaurants.

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The F Word

Teams of families cook and compete live to impress Gordon Ramsay and the 50-odd diners at The F Word kitchen - celebrities and VIPs included, of course!

Why it’s iconic: Part-cooking competition and part-variety show, The F Word blends the thrill of travel series, the tutelage of cooking shows, and the intensity of reality television into one fun-filled medium.

Stay to see: Joe Manganiello learn about British brunch fare, Leslie Jones blind-taste grasshoppers, and Gordon Ramsay break a Guinness World Record for pasta rolling.

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In this National Geographic series, Gordon travels far and wide to discover culinary wonders and regional cooking from around the world.

Why it’s iconic: Uncharted places the renowned chef outside of his comfort zone, taking you on extraordinary adventures like crayfish hunting in the depths of Tasmanian waters and climbing the Peruvian Andes to cook in a mud oven 11,000-feet above sea level.

Stay to see: Snapshots of mouth-watering dishes and picturesque destinations to stimulate your wanderlust and appetite at the same time.

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Watch in awe as these amateur home cooks take on skills tests, team challenges, and pressure tests to prove themselves worthy of the MasterChef title.

Why it’s iconic: MasterChef wonderfully expresses the sentiment that anyone can cook. It aptly laments each person’s losses and celebrates their triumphs, weaving a beautiful narrative that gets you excited to get in the kitchen.

Stay to see: Stellar guest appearances by legendary chefs, including Grant Achatz of Alinea, Wolfgang Puck of Spago, and Daniel Boulud of Daniel.

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MasterChef Junior

As the youth-oriented adaptation of the MasterChef competition, Masterchef Junior is an uplifting, heartwarming series that boasts the incredible talent of children 8 to 13 years old.

Why it’s iconic: The culinary flair these kids demonstrate and the dishes they masterfully produce are absolutely astonishing. Be warned - they may leave you second-guessing your own cooking abilities!

Stay to see: The adorable camaraderie Gordon shares with these young aspiring cooks!

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Gordon Gino and Fred: Road Trip

This is a British travel and food show that transports viewers on a culinary journey across Europe. Chef Gordon Ramsay, Gino D'Acampo and Fred Sirieix visit some of the most popular food cities and immerse themselves in local culture. The first series premiered on 11 October 2018, and the second aired on 2 April 2020.

Why it’s iconic: The banter and chemistry between Gordon and fellow chef (Gino) and top maître'd (Fred) is captivating, and hilarious. Not to mention we get to travel along side them and learn about delicious dishes too! 

Stay to see: All the crazy adventures and... mishaps along the way! 

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