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Feast on these series to whet your appetite and quench your cravings

There is something totally spellbinding about watching people cook and create a dish from start to finish. There is a reason why we love to look at photos of food and watch chefs work. It is because food is medicine for the soul–something healing, soothing and nourishing for the mind and body. Whether you are a top chef yourself or a simple amateur cook, these shows are sure to satisfy your cravings.

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1. Bad Vegan

Why is Sarma Melngailis going to Rikers prison? Find out more about this compelling story by watching Bad Vegan. Here we learn about how she and her husband duped employees and investors out of 2 million dollars. The trailer poses questions to insinuate that she may be a victim in this whole debacle. So, is she complicit? Is she innocent? This 4-part docuseries brings us to what was one of the most popular restaurants in New York City, a raw-food vegan place named Pure Food and Wine.

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2. Best Leftovers Ever

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure–a statement that this show truly embodies. Here, cooks craft beautiful new dishes out of leftovers and leftovers only.


3. Baking Impossible

Here, engineering and baking talents collide. For a grand prize of 100,000 dollars, the contestants are challenged and tasked to create intricate dessert creations that require extreme precision.

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4. Taco Chronicles

If you love tacos, you need to watch this. Its two volumes are dedicated to exploring all things taco. The series portrays a captivating tale about bold flavours, culinary technique, food culture, and a narrative that touches on the many emotional bonds people have with their food.


5. Korean Rhapsody Series

“A love letter to pork belly.” “A delicious dive into Hanwoo [Korean beef}.” From pork to beef or a deep dive into Korean cold noodles, this series explores the many ways that these favourite ingredients are prepared in Korean cuisine while touching on their rich, storied history.

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6. Is It Cake?

Do you think you could tell the difference between what’s real and what’s cake? Watch this show to try out your luck! Pastry professionals show off their sugary prowess in the kitchen and whip up unbelievably realistic sweet treats in this “mind-bending baking contest”.


7. High on the Hog: How African American Cuisine Transformed America

From Stephen Satterfield (food writer and procurer) comes a nuanced docuseries that educates viewers on the history of African-American cuisine, taking us all the way from Africa to Texas.


8. School of Chocolate

In this baking competition, eight pastry talents are mentored by lauded, top chocolatier Swiss-Frenchman Amaury Guichon, through a series of lessons. The winner of the show wins 50,000 dollars and the pride of having created the most exquisite chocolate sculpture. Instead of elimination rounds, the contestants are graded based on the various teachings from Guichon.

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9. Chef's Table

The cinematography alone is reason enough to watch Chef’s Table in my opinion. A selection of the globe’s most significant names in food welcomes audiences into their world. Follow top chefs as Chef’s Table tells their story. We get to see their creative process, how they learn, cook, find produce, develop restaurants, and live their lives. There are several spin-offs like Chef’s Table France, BBQ and Pastry. Foodies will get an in-depth understanding of these culinary wonders’ food philosophy and way of life.

10. Nadyia’s Time To Eat & Nadyia Bakes

This British show by host Nadyia Hussain (winner of Great British Bake Off 2015) brings us easy-to-do, beautiful recipes that non-professional cooks can bang out using everyday ingredients in their pantry. It is designed to be fuss-free and primed for the home-cook who is seemingly pressed for time. The show’s episodes are only 30 minutes long! While Nadyia’s Time To Eat is more cooking in general, Nadyia Bakes tackles baked goods only, savoury and sweet. The cinematography is sure to make you drool!

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11. Salt, Acid, Fat, Heat

Salt, Acid, Fat, Heat is a four-part documentary food-travelogue series featuring Samin Nosrat, author of the book which the show is named after. She outlines what she deems to be the four most important elements in cooking and takes viewers on a gourmet visual journey wherein we learn a whole lot of delicious lessons. This show is smartly done and is created with purpose. Nosrat’s love for food and bringing people together meld so organically in her writing and now on-screen. Her goal: to spread the food gospel and help everyone create a great meal. 

12. Ugly Delicious 

James beard award-winning chef David Chang has become a household name. With Ugly Delicious, this chef explores culinary destinations around the world with special guests who all have a distinct connection to food. In the show, he analyses why food is able to break barriers and unite all kinds of people. In Ugly Delicious, Chef Chang traverses the globe learning all about cultural nuances, a dish’s origins and how its made by travelling way outside of professional kitchens.

13. Cooked

We all have beautiful memories of food that was prepared with passion and by hand. In the series Cooked with acclaimed food writer Michael Pollan, viewers take a look at why humans have this need to cook and learn a bit more about why we are so obsessed with food. This show explores how the elements come into play in the culinary world, both in the past and present, with each episode tackling one element: fire, water, air and earth. Pollan seeks to understand how food even gets to our table and outlines the beauty of the cooking process.

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14. Street Food Asia & Latin America

In Street Food, we really are able to get a better grasp of a country’s culture and its people. Food can tell you so much about a nation and its history. What better way than through food? The ingredients used, the way it's cooked and the way street food is served will paint a clearer picture of who the people in this country are and what they've taken from their ancestors over time. 

15. Midnight Diner / Tokyo Stories

Midnight Diner proves that there is something special about dining alone and sharing a meal with strangers. Sometimes spilling your deepest truths to your nearest and dearest can be the hardest thing to do. Here characters enter a small restaurant in the wee hours of the night where the chef, known as Master, takes their orders and hears their stories. The diners who all seem to be seeking refuge from their own troubles, bond over the fact that they are alone, together. 

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16. Somebody Feed Phil

Host, Philip Rosenthal (creator of Everybody Loves Raymond) takes us with him as he explores food capitals of the world. Along with friends and family, they seek out new experiences and flavours to best understand food and culture. He playfully infuses his natural wit and charm into each episode, making for a light and entertaining watch. 

17. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Chef David Chang has yet another show where he and his celebrity friends like known foodie Chrissy Teigen and comedian Kate McKinnon, eat their way around the world. Travel is one of the best educations a human can receive. Through this show, he and his famous friends experience countries by eating spectacular local dishes. They gain a better understanding of how food is such an integral part of travel, friendship and learn a whole lot about each other while at it. In comparison to Ugly Delicious which was more food-focused, this show, I’d say, is more experience-based. 

18. The Chef Show

I am a big fan of the movie Chef with Jon Favreau, and am an overall Favreau fan too. After the movie, he was so intrigued by the culinary world and invested in the skills he learned that he wanted to make a reality cooking show of his own. Here, he and chef Roy Choi feature foodies and celebrities to help them cook tasty dishes while they chat about life. Food and friends? What could be better!


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