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Everyone's favourite TV chef serves up iconic moments we won't soon forget

Gordon Ramsay may be notorious for his searing insults and intimidating demeanour. But beyond his iconic work style, he's a talented chef with plenty of wit and charm. Below are some of our favourite moments from his TV career that has made him the legend we both know and love today!

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Having a cook-off with his daughter, Matilda

Following in her father's footsteps, Matilda "Tilly" Ramsay, has her own cooking show with members of her family; but in a short cook-off on The Late Late Show with James Corden, she reveals that she's a better chef than her father because she's "not as mean" and "more chill". As father and daughter team up to create a better English breakfast than their host, Corden, the audience gets an insight into the adorable relationship that they share—and let us confirm: it's adorable. 

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Chef Ramsay with children

Watching Chef Ramsay with children is adorable. Though the master chef is known to be harsh with adults working for him, he's incredibly gentle with young prodigies. One of the most iconic moments was when a child on MasterChef Junior started to cry and he told her he wouldn't leave until she laughed. He also told another young boy that he was his favourite chef, before praying to the "God of souffle" that another contestant's dish would turn out "scrumptious". 

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"Idiot Sandwich"

If you've ever seen the idiot sandwich meme online, then you'll know what we mean when we say it's iconic. The entire scene actually came from a 2015 skit from The Late Late Night Show with James Corden, where both Corden and TV personality, Julie Chen, parody Ramsay's Hell's Kitchen

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Critiquing chicken wings

Garnering over 96 million views, First We Feast's episode with Gordon Ramsay is among the channel's most requested. In it, the host challenges Ramsay to try different hot sauces. While doing so, Ramsay talks about his life—lessons he's learned, his children, cooking techniques, and of course his illustrious career. 

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Getting drive-thru from Costa

In case you haven't hit the follow button yet, Chef Ramsay's TikTok account is a treasure trove of funny videos and tidbits from the chef's life. In one of them, Ramsay heads to a Costa Coffee dive-through in England and critiques the food served to him through the window. "Is that it? Two pound ninety for that?" the chef laughs, holding up a limp piece of bacon from his sandwich. In the end, he even recreated the iconic "idiot sandwich" meme with the cashier at the drive-through.

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Pranking Chef Christina

Avid Hell's Kitchen fans may know Chef Christina as one of its season's winners, and also one of Chef Ramsay's most dedicated employees. In one of his lesser known TV shows, The F Word, Chef Ramsay goes undercover as a waiter at his own restaurant. During their anniversary dinner, Chef Ramsay (as a waiter) purposely does all the things that a server mustn't such as: eating food from the customer's plates, drinking champagne, and sticking his fingers on a diner's food. He even spills water on Chef Christina before revealing his disguise—much to her surprise. 

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Eating a live cobra heart

No one can ever say Gordon Ramsay isn't an adventurous eater. Though he's famous for fillet mignon and risotto, he ends up eating a live cobra heart while on a tour in Vietnam. Placed inside a delicate shot glass, the chef watches as the reptile's heart beats before gulping it down in one go. "Don't be scared," joked his Vietnamese companion. Though Ramsay was able to stomach the heart, he did refuse to drink its bile when it was offered to him—though the snake's skin, innards, and skeleton was a bit less troublesome for the chef. 

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