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Whether you're an aspiring baker in search of new recipes or you love to watch chefs assemble beautiful desserts, these channels have got you covered.

There's something truly magical about the way simple, everyday ingredients are transformed into stunning desserts. While standalone recipes can be very helpful, seeing the process unfold is a mouthwatering and astonishing experience. Not only do you pick up a few tricks that are difficult to comprehend on paper, but the visual format also affirms the claim that we eat with our eyes first, inviting cravings for freshly-baked cookies, indulgent chocolate desserts, and warm, buttery pastries.

Piqued your interest? Check out these popular Youtube channels for videos of dessert recipes so tempting you'll find yourself reaching into your screens for a bite.

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Claire Saffitz x Dessert Person

If you’ve been anywhere on the food web over the last few years, chances are you’ve heard of dessert queen Claire Saffitz. During her stint at the Bon Appetit Test Kitchen, this Youtube sweetheart attracted a dedicated fanbase awestruck at her skill, creativity, and loveable personality. Published late 2020, Claire’s first and only cookbook Dessert Person: Recipes and Guidance for Baking with Confidence naturally grew to become a New York Times Bestseller.

Now with her very own Youtube channel Claire Saffitz x Dessert Person, Claire prepares classic recipes from the bestselling book like her ideal chocolate chip cookies, a beautiful Meyer lemon tart, and even a luxurious croquembouche. The channel also features glimpses into Claire’s baking life outside these recipes as she demonstrates essential baking techniques, answers baking questions from her subscribers, and gives us a sneak peek into her beautifully organised home kitchen.

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Reynold Poernomo - Sweet x Salty

The only thing more impressive than Reynold Poernomo’s debut on MasterChef Australia is his jaw-dropping return on the show’s all-star 12th season. In every episode, Reynold stunned the judges, fellow contestants, and Australia’s viewers, by creating artful out-of-the-box dishes. Although his newly refined savoury skills certainly shone through, desserts remain his formidable forte. 

Through his Youtube series Sweet x Salty, Reynold shares his expertise and guides viewers through approachable recipes like a potato and cheese mochi doughnut and a decadent snickers-inspired tart. Those looking for more challenging recipes won’t be disappointed either - he also unveils the process behind his signature dessert, the Moss 4.0: a dish with eight components, including an apple sorbet, lime yoghurt snow, matcha soil, and pistachio monte.

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Martha Stewart - Martha Bakes

Less Youtube star, more all-around culinary legend. Martha Stewart brings her trusted crowd-pleasing desserts to the online domain with the series Martha Bakes. Though the series originally premiered on PBS, the Youtube compilation features both full episodes and select snippets from the show to make Martha’s charm and expertise accessible for every home cook.

For a full taste of what the show has to offer, watch this cheesecake episode from the first season, where the legend presents four creative takes on the classic confection. The channel also includes bite-sized clips under ten minutes, demonstrating recipes for a refreshing frozen coconut and roasted pineapple cake, a decadent s’more chocolate mousse, and many more. On the other end of the spectrum, cookie connoisseurs can vicariously live their sweetest fantasies with this hour-long supercut of Martha baking twelve different cookie recipes.

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Food 52 - Genius Recipes

Whether you’re an amateur cook looking for easy-to-follow recipes or an experienced chef hoping to discover other tricks of the trade, the Genius Recipe series is a valuable watch. Throughout the series, Food52 creative director Kristen Miglore introduces recipes from chefs, cookbook authors, and all-around foodies, inviting them to share their heartfelt stories. As the title suggests, she considers these recipes to be genius in one way or another, utilising an easy but efficient technique or integrating a surprisingly useful ingredient. 

The desserts on Genius Recipes are especially invaluable, debunking the notion that desserts are highly technical and intimidating. For example, this three-ingredient strawberry sorbet tosses the lemon pith into the food processor along with the juice and zest, adding a unique creaminess and texture to the final product. This recipe for no-bake chocolate peanut butter cookies is especially unique: they are boiled (yes, boiled) on the stove, come together in just five minutes, and marry the textures of cookie and fudge.

Tatler Tip: Samantha Seneviratne’s banana bread scones with dark chocolate and hazelnut are an absolute must-try. By packing the infallible flavours of banana bread into a scone format, the genius recipe adds textural contrast between its fluffy interior and crispy-crunchy exterior - plus, you don’t have to wait hours for it to cook through.

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Preppy Kitchen

As the peppy chef behind the Preppy Kitchen, John Kanell marries his creative and technical prowess to produce beautiful, classic desserts and share these with his audience. Though he graduated from UCLA with a degree in fine arts, he soon went on to teach math and science in middle school. “Preppy Kitchen is the perfect mix of my creative background as an artist, experience teaching math and science (so much of both goes into baking), and the lifelong education I received in the kitchen from my mother”, he writes on his website.

Throughout his channel, John exudes an enthusiastic and nurturing aura that invites you to step into the kitchen and bake alongside him. Importantly, he also comes across as well-read and knowledgeable, sharing tidbits of important information in his videos. For example, he notes the importance of toasting your flour if you’re consuming it in raw recipes like this edible cookie dough, and lends his tips and tricks for perfecting the French macaron - do you know that copper is especially useful for whipping egg whites? John does.

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Rosanna Pansino

Rosanna Pansino’s Youtube channel is one of the longest-running cooking series on the platform. Launched in 2011, the Nerdy Nummies series shares easy-to-follow recipes and tricks for cute desserts inspired by popular ‘geeky’ media like candy bar controllers, Minecraft candy pops, and a Nyan cat cake. By utilising handy shortcuts like store-bought candy bars and cake mix, Ro’s recipes are ideal for busy parents hoping to amuse their kids with fun and uncomplicated treats.

A decade later, Ro is now a published cookbook author, recording artist, and the host of HBO Max’s cake-baking competition Baketopia. She’s also expanded her channel’s portfolio, sharing recipes from her cookbooks like ice cream cone cupcakes from Baking All Year Round, and tackling food trends from Tiktok to see if they’re worth a shot. Thankfully, the famed Youtuber stays true to her brand, and all her videos remain whimsical and approachable.

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