Cover Hiromi Takano, Shinya Goshima and Hideaki Sato present The Sake Bistro at Tatler Dining Kitchen (Photo: Affa Chan/Tatler Hong Kong)

Chefs Hideaki Sato and Shinya Goshima present a delicious dialogue of French and Japanese culinary sensibilities

On August 22, join us for a one-night-only Sunday supper like no other at The Sake Bistro at Tatler Dining Kitchen, which combines the best of Japanese-French gastronomy by Hideaki Sato of Ta Vie with an exploration of unique and wonderful sake curated by Goshima Shinya of Godenya. It’s the first time the two chefs have collaborated in Hong Kong, where Sato’s menu of Japanese-French bistro-accented dishes will be paired with intriguing sake hand chosen by Goshima.

Both Ta Vie and Godenya have featured multiple times on our Tatler Dining Top 20 Restaurants list, noted for their forward-thinking approach to gastronomy. Sato's clever interpretations of Japanese and Chinese ingredients tweaked using his French and Japanese techniques result in some of Hong Kong's finest cuisine, with front of house handled with aplomb by his wife Hiromi. Meanwhile, Goshima's highly detailed approach to sake pairing for his multi-course tasting menu is nothing short of superlative. The trio's strengths will be on full show at Tatler Dining Kitchen when they present their take on the modern French bistro with sake at the forefront.

At The Sake Bistro, experience a poetic collision of the two culinary cultures, where classic technique and seasonal ingredients mix and complement each glass of carefully selected sake. Freshly-baked bread, served with honey truffle butter, sets the tone for the menu, which is divided into pairings: sake and bread, sake and mushroom, sake and meat, sake and curry and, finally, sake with French pastry.

The courses are designed to emphasise the hearty flavours of French gastronomy, through classic dishes such as ratatouille, onion gratin soup and duck leg confit, with little twists and turns along the way; the final savoury course is Ta Vie’s signature wagyu beef curry, an off menu item that Sato creates from the off cuts of premium beef that he uses at his fine dining restaurant. The menu concludes with two technical desserts: a beautiful tarte with Chinese plum, and gâteau au chocolat. Along the way, Goshima will present sake with the same seriousness as he does at his award-winning restaurant Godenya—where every course is impeccably paired with a sake chosen for its specific qualities to complement the food, served in carefully considered glassware and at a specific temperature to highlight the sake’s qualities.

The Sake Bistro Menu

Each course will be paired with a sake

Sake & Bread

Honey Truffle Butter
Foie Gras And Dried Figs Terrine
Mussels With Parsley Garlic Butter

Sake & Mushroom

Onion Gratin Soup With Black Truffle
Porcini Omelette

Sake & Curry

Ta Vie Wagyu Curry

Sake & Meat

French Lamb With White Bean Stew
Duck Leg Confit

Sake & French Pastry

Tarte With Chinese Plum
Gâteau Au Chocolat

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This exclusive one-night-only menu is a part of Tatler Dining Kitchen’s ongoing programming of unexpected, off menu experiences featuring Hong Kong’s most forward-thinking and exciting tastemakers. Follow @tatlerdiningkitchen on Instagram for more news about upcoming collaborations, pop-ups and more.

The 11-course menu is priced at HK$2,200 per person, inclusive of sake, service and booking fees. Reservations can be made via Eventbrite.

Tatler Dining Kitchen, 1/F, Haus, 38-40 Queen's Road Central, Central, Hong Kong

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