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Expect authenticity and charm at Godenya with chef Goshima’s warm hospitality

Tatler Says

Hong Kong is not unfamiliar to small hidden restaurants, but 
you won’t find anything remotely similar to Godenya. The minimally decorated restaurant serves an eight-course omakase-only menu specialising in sake pairing which is the only option available to diners. While sake may not be everyone’s preference, there’s no doubt you won’t be in awe of chef-owner Shinya Goshima’s extensive knowledge and passion for the pairing. Diners are presented with a hyper-seasonal menu, which changes around once a month, focusing mainly on seafood and each paired with a different sake. It takes a very sensitive palate to detect the extreme subtleties in Goshima’s cooking, while
 not unusual to Japanese haute cuisine, is still a rare find in Hong Kong. The effortless presentation of each dish showcases the 
many facets of Japanese sake, presented with each course in precise temperatures and artisanal serving vessels. While many of the ingredients served may not be extremely rare, such as abalone or sanma, they are served at its peak season in minimal yet complex preparation methods. It’s difficult to decide whether the dishes are more exciting or the sakes paired with them, but a visit is worthy for any occasion.

Tatler Tip

Securing a table at Godenya may be the only hurdle. Diners are asked to call the restaurant directly and request a booking code which needs to be input on the reservation page of the restaurant website prior to selecting a table and date. Visit with an open mind and stomach.




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