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Welcome to Foodie Finds! This is an article series by Tatler, chronicling where and what to order according to the food-obsessed.

I myself have never understood non-foodies. How can one not love flavours, spices, aromas and all the cultural nuances and memories that come with every bite? Dining is an experience meant to be savoured and is even more fun when shared with loved ones. Dining around a table means sharing, conversing, bonding and learning. A dish can tell you so much about a person, a culture, and a country. It speaks volumes of a nation’s history and is an art form on its own. Skilled hands are trained over years or are born out of pure passion and practice. Professional chefs and home cooks alike, from young stars to grandmothers, have been cooking up meals filled with emotion and have truly made us foodies, happy.

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Through Foodie Finds, we ask our epicurean friends to share their favourites. In this feature, we tackle takeout and delivery. Hear what commercial photographer and director Gabby Cantero, who works with commercial ads in both print and video specialising in food, beauty, lifestyle and live stream events and shows, has to say. She shares her go-to shops for takeout here: 

1. Taruc’s Tuna Tartare


I discovered Taruc’s from a friend’s story and was instantly curious. I mean who doesn’t love a good tartare? I’ve ordered both their tuna and salmon variants and all I can say is that they are so addicting. The crisps that come with each order make it unique to me; they perfectly complement the tartare thus making you want for more after each bite.

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2. Fook Yah


I’m always on the lookout for good Asian roasts. I got lucky and was one of the first few people to get to try out Fook Yah's roasted meats and boy, oh boy, was I an instant fan. I’ve ordered numerous times from them and it’s always been such a pleasant meal whenever I share it with friends and family. I specifically remember ordering this for one of our team meetings and everyone was just so happy to eat good food. My favourites are their crispy pork belly, fatty char siu and their scallion noodles. Order these and I guarantee you– they’ll be a hit at your next potluck!

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3. Pweds Na Coffee


Pweds Na Coffee’s Spanish latte has been a staple at my mum’s house ever since I’ve brought some home on one of our Sunday lunches. It’s just so good. And I mean, who doesn’t love a delicious brand with good branding and witty copy too?

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4. Coop Fresh


Coop Fresh offers such a wide range of grocery items. But if you ask me, their hidden gem is their tapa. It comes in both a mild and spicy flavour. Seriously, you’ll want an extra serving of rice when you have this!

5. Angels Kitchen


If there’s a dish I think about often, it must be Angels Kitchen’s roast chicken Iberico. You just know when something is made with only the best ingredients and so much love. Besides this scrumptious chicken dish, Angels Kitchen also offers a wide range of Mi Casa's bottled and frozen products that should be a staple in anyone’s kitchen. One of my true favourites is their tuna olive spread. Slather it on some crackers or melba toast, pair it with a good cava and enjoy the weekend. 


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