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Welcome to Foodie Finds! This is an article series by Tatler, chronicling where and what to order according to the food-obsessed

I myself have never understood non-foodies. How can one not love flavours, spices, aromas and all the cultural nuances and memories that come with every bite? Dining is an experience meant to be savoured and is even more fun when shared with loved ones. Dining around a table means sharing, conversing, bonding and learning. A dish can tell you so much about a person, a culture, and a country. It speaks volumes of a nation's history and is an art form on its own. Skilled hands are trained over years or are born out of pure passion and practice. Professional chefs and home cooks alike, from young stars to grandmothers, have been cooking up meals filled with emotion and have truly made us foodies, happy.

Through Foodie Finds, we ask our epicurean friends to share their favourites. In this feature, we tackle takeout and delivery. Hear what Michael Hearn, co-founder of Run Rabbit Run (one of Metro Manila's top bars) has to say. Here, he shares his go-to shops for takeout here. 

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This restaurant is an institution, headed by chef Toshiro Okajima. If there is one thing you can rely on, it is the freshness of their sashimi and sushi. Simple, authentic Japanese that never fails, perfect for when you are looking to treat yourself. I usually go for the salmon and tuna sashimi, a mix of sushi and if really hungry the black cod gindara or tonkatsu kurobota. To add to the experience you can also order some of the best sake in town from their bottle list.

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Baba’s Kitchen


Honest, comforting and packed full of flavour. Geri Camahort Lamata’s food never disappoints and always has you coming back for more. When one day seamlessly merges into the other, this food is my reminder that the weekend is here and it’s time for a hearty breakfast. There really is no counting calories here but well worth it, I highly recommend the wagyu tapa, chorizo hubad and breakfast patties. Geri is also the mind behind Bitchin’ Chicken which sells out all the time, so get on the list!

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Mitza’s Good Eats


Mitza Sandejas takes inspiration from her roots, finding a delicate balance between Filipino and Middle Eastern flavours. What inspires me about Mitza is that she does everything herself, no help in the kitchen, understandably she can only take limited orders. Her food really speaks to the hard work and attention she puts into each dish. One in particular that we always crave, the Middle Eastern jerk chicken with the grilled tomatoes and onions served on a bed of fragrant rice and a creamy, tangy garlic sauce. Trust me, you will enjoy every bite.

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Pria’s Kitchen


Ahead of the trend and serving homes since 1996, Pria Chiongbian Solon has the experience and menu to match most commercial restaurants now doing deliveries. From her bottled goodies of Spanish sardines and garlic bulad, to frozen products, the menu goes also includes burgers, buns, desserts and most importantly the platters - all made with heart and only the best quality ingredients. I personally love the 50 clove chicken, braised pot roast, roasted herbed pork or the crisp fish burger. Oh and don’t forget to order the raspberry vinaigrette, that is a must-try with a leafy salad, candied walnuts and blue cheese.

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Cochi was started in the midst of the pandemic and has quickly become one of the best places for Cochinillo. Marvin Agustin has, in my eyes, perfected the recipe for fall off the bone, juicy meat, with the crisp, crunchy skin to match. No need for the knife, just a plate and your hands. Reasonably priced, this is a go-to when with family or friends, and I have yet to meet anyone who did not eat more than they initially intended. Best enjoyed on Sunday lunch with some wine, followed by an afternoon siesta.

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