The new list by Asia's 50 Best Restaurants profiles included 50 must-try restaurants—and two Philippine establishments have secured their spots.

For the first time ever, Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants released its 51-100 list of top dining establishments around the region. William Drew, Director of Content at Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants, says: “This year we have decided to publish the list of restaurants ranked from 51-100, created from the Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants voting process, in order to recognise a greater number of venues than ever before. The global pandemic has been devastating for hospitality and it is vital that we support restaurants across Asia in their recovery. By announcing the 51- 100 list of restaurants, along with the unranked Essence of Asia collection, we can showcase more of the region’s diverse restaurants, cuisines and unique dining experiences.” 

We, at Tatler Dining, are very proud to see two local restaurants on this new ranked listing: Antonio’s Tagayay and Gallery by Chele, claiming spots 84 and 90 respectively. Chefs Tony Boy Escalante and Chele Gonzalez are dear friends of Tatler; we are lucky to have seen these establishments and men grow, improve and set standards of excellence in the country.

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No. 84 - Antonio’s Tagaytay

Antonio’s has been one of the Philippines’ most celebrated dining destinations. It has been a restaurant engraved in our memories not only for its exquisite food but also for its service and dedication to loving local. Antonio’s is a go-to for weddings, special occasions and celebrations not only because the restaurant is stunning but also due to the fact that it ensures that every guest feels oh so special. 

The establishment is set within an elegant, timeless, and breathtaking country property located in Tagaytay. Here chef Tony Boy Escalante works his culinary magic amidst a well preserved colonial-style home that is nestled in bountiful flora and fauna. It is picturesque, to say the least. Over the years its ambience has not faded but has only become more sought after, especially when craving an escape from the bustling city. 

"From 2015, when we were awarded No.48 out of the Asia’s 50 Best, and to be recognised again this 2021 as one of Asia’s Best Restaurants, is still a huge honour and privilege. I hope it shows the world what we Filipinos have to offer to the international dining scene. In these difficult times, this award brings new energy and a renewed morale for our team. We hope this recognition brings inspiration and hope to other local establishments and restaurateurs as well" shares chef Escalante. 

During the pandemic, chef Escalante and his team have acted quickly to create DIY kits and new deli experiences so that regular diners and Makati residents could still indulge in their favourite meals. Congratulations to the chef and the entire Antonio’s team on a job well done! 


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No. 90 - Gallery By Chele

“2020 has been quite the year,” says Chele Gonzalez, chef and partner of Gallery by Chele. “All of us in the restaurant industry continues to deal with the shifting realities of the pandemic. We not only have to figure out how to keep our restaurant families and guests safe but we also have to ponder how to keep the business side of our restaurants moving forward. It has been a challenge, to say the least”. 

This year, Chef Gonzalez has not only pushed past hurdles but they have adapted by developing takeaway menus, improving their dine-in protocol and also creating new concepts like Deli By Chele and Chele’s Basque Cheesecake. With the support of a stellar team, including co-owner Carlo Calma and executive sous chef, Carlo Villaflor, these concepts have truly blossomed.

“Our inclusion on this year’s list has a special meaning for us,” shares executive sous chef and partner, Carlo Villaflor. “Chele and I see this honour as a recognition of our team. It is their faith in our vision and the hard work they put in day in, day out that inspires us everyday. We could not be more proud of them”.

Gallery by Chele has been all about celebrating local. Chele and Carlo are inspired by the Philippines and its bounty but have always pushed boundaries by innovating in order to create dishes enriched with international perspectives. Respecting tradition, but not bound by it, they combine ingredients, cultures, and techniques together to create a fine dining experience. 

“To be acknowledged by our peers in Asia is an honour. It is a privilege for us to represent the place that we live, love and work. It is a place that inspires us, a place we call home,” adds Chele. “To be part of this list is simply one of best moments”.

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