Extending his residency at Singapore’s Mandala Club until the end of June, Gaggan Anand has announced that he will be cooking some of his iconic dishes for the last time

Renegade chef Gaggan Anand is no stranger to the art of shock and surprise. But this might be his biggest surprise yet. 

In an exclusive fireside chat with Billion Dollar Whale author Tom Wright at Mandala Club this week, Gaggan revealed that he will be cooking some his most famous dishes for very last time over the course of the next three months.

Extending his wildly popular residency at Mandala Club—as part of the private members' club's Mandala Masters programme—for the final time, Gaggan Anand's Greatest Hits will run from April until end of June 2022. 

The "end of an era" menu will include Gaggan's signature “Yogurt Explosion”, a dish that arguably defined his cooking style and one that was inspired by the Spherical Olive during his stint at Spain's El Bulli. Also on the menu is "Lick It Up", a dish to be licked straight off the plate to the sounds of KISS' song of the same name. 

"The idea is, we will be cooking as a restaurant for the last time," said the chef. "After June, you won't be able to eat at a Gaggan restaurant again."

So what's next? Gaggan says he's looking forward to being inspired and developing a more intimate experience for diners—following what he describes as more of a "chef's table" approach. 

"There are restaurants that you go to for food and restaurants that you go to for experience, and to come to my restaurant is all about madness; to leave your inhibitions at the door and enjoy," said Gaggan. "My name is Gaggan, which means 'clouds' or 'sky'. I’m going to create a restaurant that does not belong to a geographical destination. From now on, I want to do what I want to do, and do that with my heart. We do everything for love, right?" 

Priority Registration for Gaggan Anand's Greatest Hits at Mandala Club for non-members commences until March 6 here, and tickets will go on sale on Monday, March 7 here.

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