We ask four bartenders from Kuala Lumpur and Penang their favourite cocktails to drink

Their concoctions are some of the most celebrated in the city but what do these bartenders like to order during their down time? Let's find out.

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Raz Ng, Gekko Dining

"I would normally order a neat shot of agave spirits or rum but if I do order cocktails, I would start off with the bar's signatures as I appreciate the people who put their effort and time into their menu. Bonus point if the bar practises and understands the importance of using quality large clear ice cubes in their drinks as they melt slower, reducing the rate of dilution and fewer impurities. Good ice can make or break a cocktail."

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Giovanni Magliaro, Reka:Bar

"For me, the foundation of every great bartender and bar is the mastery of the classics. My all-time favourite classic cocktail is the Boulevardier, which has only three ingredients—whisky (usually bourbon or rye), Campari and sweet vermouth, and served with an orange twist. A recent Boulevardier that had impressed me recently was from a bar called Drink Kong in Rome, which was expertly prepared with the addition of a cordial made from leftover citrus."

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Kean Choo, Good Friends Club

"Negroni is my favourite cocktail. It's not just a classic but also a high-quality elixir that can be adjusted according to the mood. Part gin, part sweet vermouth and part Campari, you can adjust the amount of each ingredient to get the taste you prefer—it's not a monotonous drink. Personally, I like them in equal amount; I liken the combination to a symphony in my mouth."

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Karl Too, Happy Stan

"To be frank, I have low alcohol tolerance. But when I drink, my go-to cocktails are easygoing concoctions like Mr Black Coffee Liqueur with Tonic, the Garibaldi and Aperol Spritz. These two-to-three-ingredient cocktails require no shaking or elaborate flourishes, and are easily replicated so you can't really go wrong."


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