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These are the female bartenders to know in Kuala Lumpur

The presence and stature of Kuala Lumpur’s cocktail bars have been on a steady climb in recent years and credit should go to the creative minds behind the concoctions. Being a great mixologist isn’t just knowing the combinations and memorising recipes, it is also about understanding your audience's palates.

These women possess these qualities and demonstrate a remarkable astuteness for mixology.

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1. Tracia Chan of Dissolved Solids

“Cocktails aren’t meant to knock you out but to enjoy the layers and process as well as flavour of the beverage and the craft,” declares Tracia Chan. From infusing liquor with local flavours to topping cocktails with ingredients usually found on plates and in bowls, Dissolved Solids has Chan to thank for its inventive truly creations. 

“The most important thing is passion because that is something no one can take away from you. And passion will drive you to do your best."

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2. Megan Lim of BAC

Megan Lim's career in the industry began with a different kind of beverage: coffee. But when she discovered the creative potential in cocktails, there was no looking back.

“Cocktails are on another level of mixing flavour profiles and showmanship,” she says. “I hope people can understand that being a mixologist is also an opportunity to explore your creativity."

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3. Angel Ng of The REX Bar and MY Bartender's Handshake

Despite being away from active bartending for about three years, Angel Ng is still an expert in the field. In fact, she has played an indispensable role in helping to elevate KL's cocktail scene. “I was an extrovert who needed a paying job that could release energy,” says Ng of her interest in the field. 

If she could create a cocktail to represent the modern woman today, it would be "a glass of tequila anejo neat because we are sweet yet filled with subtle complexity."

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4. Raz Ng of Gekko Dining

Raz Ng was inspired by Angel Ng when she visited PS150, where the latter used to work. “Seeing Angel make a cocktail got me fascinated by the artistry behind it, and I wanted to live in a world where I could create drinkable art,” recalls Raz.

Which is exactly what Raz creates behind Gekko’s bar. “Being one of the the few women in the industry has opened up many opportunities for me, as we stand out among the thorns. To thrive in this industry, I would think like the beverage I make—fluid in going with the flow. The ingredients define my emotions and the garnishing is my outlook in life.”

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5. Shirmy Chan of Bar Moku

Winner of the Bartender of the Year KL 2019 Shirmy Chan is currently the bar consultant for Bar Moku. She was one of the pioneer female bartenders in the city, and her experience shines through her drinks.

“I create a new drink every day but I never name them,” she says. “I only name a drink that I customise to a particular customer and I would not make that drink for anyone else. This is how personal my drinks can be.”

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6. Chang Yue Shuen of Sofitel Kuala Lumpur Damansara

Chang Yue Shuen kicked off her bartending career in Singapore but has since brought her talent home to Sofitel Kuala Lumpur Damansara. She was waitressing in a restaurant when she realised she wanted to be a mixologist.

"I hope that more women who would love to work behind the bar would just do it without fear. It would be amazing to see more female bartenders and share their stories," she says.


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