Cover The L'Or de Jean Martell: Assemblage Du Tigre, is the first of the Maison's limited edition Zodiac collection.

Enriched with an auspicious blend of eight vintage eaux-de-vie selected from previous years of the Tiger, the iconic L’Or de Jean Martell presents its first-ever Zodiac edition, the Assemblage du Tigre

While L’Or de Jean Martell is already a legacy in itself being a blend of more than 700 rare eaux-de-vie, its latest rendition features the flavours of three prestigious cognac crus. Inspired by this year’s zodiac, the Tiger, this cognac contains the rich intensity of the Borderies, the full-bodied complexity of the Grande Champagne and the bright vivacity of the Petite Champagne.

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Although the bottle’s emblematic design is retained, the Maison sought to capture the raw, natural grace of its feline muse. The crystal carafe is now decorated with an original gold filigree motif, the bottleneck engraved with the L’Or de Jean Martell logo and the Assemblage du Tigre name.

Its cognac coloured stopper, created by the world-renowned French crystal manufacturer Daum, is made by hand complete with hand-engraved signature.

The bottle also comes with an elegant wooden box that contains two certificates of guarantee signed by the Maison’s cellar master Christophe Valtaud and Daum respectively.

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Starting from this Year of the Tiger, Martell will be releasing exclusive, individually numbered editions based on the zodiac animals in the coming years to mark the arrival of the Lunar New Year.

For cognac connoisseurs and collectors alike, this makes the Assemblage du Tigre one of the Maison's most rarest bottles yet, as the Zodiac edition is only available in the year of its released and in very limited quantity.

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