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Where do we hang out on a Friday night? Here are our favourite watering holes in Makati's Poblacion district

La Vie en Rose

"Secretly tucked away in the second floor of a non-descript apartment building is La Vie en Rose. A treasure trove of curios, artifacts, and taxidermy animals, the space is like an eccentric bohemian's abode where one can converse with both Oscar Wilde and Indiana Jones. Sip a killer negroni while contemplating the grand ideas of life or let your inner child run wild with some cool electro beats on the nights they have a DJ." 

- Stephanie Zubiri, Tatler Homes Philippines Editor


"I am a huge fan of Japanese Peruvian! Japonesa is the perfect place to have small bites as it offers an extensive menu of amazing cocktails that will always make you want to stay longer than intended. I love its interiors and its fun, upbeat, and sexy vibe. I recommend ordering its signature roll, the La Japonesa roll, the bomba camarones, the entero shimeji, and the watermelon basil smash tub." 

- Nikki Martel, Marketing and Events Manager

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"I love Alamat because of its concept that highlights Filipino folk culture (that's tweaked to appeal to the younger crowd of Poblacion-goers). They promote local craft beers plus special cocktails that are uniquely Filipino. Aside from that, they serve generous servings of scrumptious dishes that are perfect either as bar chow or recovery food. They even have 'recovery rice', a special type of fried rice that is definitely a must-have after cocktails, beers, or liquor with friends." 

- Franz Sorilla IV, Arts and Culture Editor


"Nothing beats the welcoming feeling at FUTUR:ST. I especially appreciate how it becomes an art gallery to give space for artists, most of whom identify outside the gender binary. More often than not, strangers you meet can suddenly feel familiar even for a moment as you all sway the night away to piercing beats from the DJ booth. Try their 'Breath of Khaleesi' for a refreshing sip of ginger ale and cinnamon whiskey.

- Jio Baldesimo, Social Media Editor 

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Dear Adam / Sweet Lucy

"I'm not a cocktail drinker so when heading to Poblacion, I look for bars with great music and dim lighting. I like going to FUTUR:ST, Dear Adam / Sweet Lucy, and The Spirits Library. At these spots, you'll find a regular rotation of top DJs always ready to get the crowd on their feet and dancing.

- Isabel Francisco, Deputy Editorial Director & Tatler Dining Editor

The Spirits Library

"At this (The Spirits Library) low-key, dimly lit Poblacion haunt, the bartenders' talent takes centre stage. While the rotation of musical acts—which range from jazz to blues, to disco-focused DJs, and even a cabaret show—certainly draws a crowd, it's the team's mastery behind the bar that I truly look forward to every time. Though they offer an ever-changing menu of beverages (including the Avoid This, a personal favourite), don't be afraid to ask for their takes on the classics, or better yet, a bespoke cocktail." 

- Lauren Golangco, Tatler Dining Officer


"Almacen never fails to host a fun and noisy crowd, especially on Friday nights. It offers a wide selection of booze and Mexican food for you and your friends. The bar also plays fun and engaging throwback music from time to time."

- Jove Moya, Features Writer


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