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For days you need a drink, but can’t decide on what to order

Everyone has their go-to cocktail, but sometimes even our favourites can feel a bit monotonous. Whether you’re looking for that perfect tipple to fit today’s mood, or simply wish to widen your cocktail comprehension, here are nine cocktails you should explore, and why:

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1. For the Flirty - Paloma

Tequila gets a bad rap, often positioned as the stereotypical party shot that keeps you grooving on the dance floor (although really, what’s wrong with that?). It certainly doesn’t help that there are a slew of mediocre tequilas on the market, either. However, as the Mexican spirit grows increasingly popular, artisanal, high-quality tequila championing that earthy, fruity agave flavour becomes all the more accessible.

Made with tequila, lime juice, and grapefruit juice (or more traditionally, soda), the Paloma is an elegant and delightful way to explore just how delicious tequila can be. Fizzy and citrusy, it’s a fun cocktail that still suggests a bit of cheekiness with every sip.

Learn how to make a Paloma here.

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2. For the Traditional - Old Fashioned

A pairing that requires little explanation, the Old Fashioned is believed to be one of the earliest cocktails. In fact, the first-ever recorded description of a cocktail defines it as a mixture of a spirit, sugar, bitters, and water, which is exactly what an Old Fashioned is comprised of: whiskey (often bourbon), a sugar cube, Angostura bitters, and some water, plus ice and an orange twist to garnish. Simple, straightforward, and a time-tested classic, the Old Fashioned continues to be one of the most popular cocktails, and with good reason.

Learn how to make an old fashioned here.

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3. For the Adventurous - Michelada

A unqiue Mexican beverage, the Michelada is a savoury cocktail that is ever-so-slightly spicy, yet tart and refreshing at the same time. Topped with an ice-cold, light beer, the michelada begins with fresh lime juice and an assortment of various sauces and spices: typically some salt, an umami bomb, and some form of chilli heat.

This opens up a dizzying world of possibilities for the Michelada, with preparations varying from household to household. Soy sauce, Worcestershire sauce, tomato juice, Clamato, and Maggi seasoning are all common additions. Similarly, there is a never-ending list of hot sauces and chilli powders to choose from. Thus, ordering a michelada can be a gamble—one fitting for a thrill-seeking drinker and one that, when done well, can certainly pay off.

Learn how to make a michelada here.

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4. For the Bubbly - French 75

Sophisticated, festive, and seriously refreshing, the French 75 is the perfect way to kickstart any social gathering. Starting with a mixture of gin, lemon juice, and simple syrup, the French 75 is then topped with sparkling wine, served in a chic champagne flute, and garnished with a long, thin, and curled lemon peel for a polished look.

Learn how to make a French 75 here.

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5. For the Intellectual - Negroni

Bold, and complex, the Negroni is a Italian cocktail often consumed as an aperitivo. While it is traditionally prepared with equal parts gin, sweet vermouth, Campari, and a garnish of orange peel, many bartenders tend to play around with these ratios to achieve a more desirable balance between the fruity, herbaceous, and bittersweet notes. Furthermore, with an endless selection of gins and rosso vermouth, each boasting unique flavour profiles, mixologists can easily embellish this basic drink with their personal flair—one of the many reasons the negroni is a common bartender’s pick when it comes to judging other bars.

Learn how to make a negroni here.

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6. For the Reliable - Martini

A symbol of elegance and magnetism, the Martini isn’t 007’s signature drink for nothing. But while James Bond prefers his with both gin and vodka, shaken not stirred, the Vesper Martini is just one riff on the classic. For a tipple as reliable and timeless as yourself, opt for the classic gin martini: a smooth blend of gin and vermouth, with either a lemon twist or some olives.

Learn how to make a classic martini here.

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7. For the Easygoing - Whisky Highball

Sure, you could enjoy your whisky on the rocks, or even neat if you’d prefer. But a Whisky Highball, a tall, bubbly concoction with lemon and soda water (or at times, ginger beer/ale for a sweeter twist with some warm spices) is a far lighter and more refreshing mode of sipping on your favourite whisky. As a long beverage, the highball format lets you to savour the nuances and more delicate profiles of your whisky—a cocktail that is easy to make, and even easier to drink.

Learn how to make a whisky highball here.

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8. For the Mysterious - The Last Word

Considered to be a bartender’s handshake—that is, a cocktail lesser-known to the public but a favourite among the connoisseurs—The Last Word is a truly intriguing tipple. Donning a mysterious green hue, the cocktail is comprised of gin, chartreuse, maraschino liqueur, and lime juice, creating a beverage that is potent and sharp yet somehow comes together in a harmony of herbs, cherry and citrus. 

Learn how to make the last word here. 


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