The ever-impressive Engkanto brewery takes home a slew of top prizes at the World Beer Awards 2022, including the Gold Medal and title of Country Winner

Local brewery Engkanto has long established itself as one of the Philippines’ most impressive names in the industry, setting formidable standards for the young but rapidly-growing craft beer market. Now, five years since founder Ian Paradies established the disruptive brewery, Engkanto shows no signs of slowing down.

Just last week, three of Engkanto’s speciality craft beers won big at the World Beer Awards 2022—a branch of the prestigious World Drinks Awards, where an acclaimed panel of experts meticulously judge beers from around the world through a rigorous blind tasting in the UK. Most notably, Engkanto’s High Hive honey ale won the highly-coveted Gold Medal and Country Winner title, taking the brewery’s new concoction to the World’s Best competition later this August. Made with the purest Philippine honey sourced from surrounding apiaries, the High Hive proudly champions local produce on the global stage.

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Engkanto World Beer Awards 2022

Accepting the awards last August 6, Engkanto brewmaster Michael "MJ" Jordan enthused, "I knew High Hive honey ale was scoring well with Filipino craft beer fans, and this Gold Medal is validation that Engkanto Brewery is kicking ass and taking names. All beers arriving to the UK and getting a medal keeps us motivated on our quality-focused approach to craft brewing while having fun."

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Engkanto World Beer Awards 2022

Meanwhile, the Live It Up lager and Green Lava Double IPA were awarded the bronze and silver medals, respectively. This marks the second year the two brews, both mainstays in Engkanto’s signature lineup, have been awarded medals at the World Beer Awards.

“A huge shout-out to the whole Engkanto Team for bringing home more awards for our beers for the second year in a row,” beams Paradies, ecstatic about their back-to-back streaks. “[We are] excited to share with everyone what our team has in store for the coming months!”


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