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Looking for a taste of something tangy and delicious? These citrus desserts are sure to satisfy!

Tangy, tasty, and totally heavenly: these citrus desserts are all you need to remind you of summery months. If you're looking to cleanse or refresh your palate, consider these tasty sweets inspired by popular citrus fruits. 

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1. Purple Oven

Chewy, decadent, with just the right hint of sourness: these lemon bars from Purple Oven have become a classic merienda favourite. Baked with love and perfected through time, this recipe guarantees golden-brown edges that are a perfect complement to the treat itself. Best enjoyed as a snack after a tiring day. 

2. Lemonlime Manila

Traditional key lime pie is a fairly underrated dessert in the country—fortunately, Lemonlime Manila is here to introduce the public to the famous American treat. Topped with slices of dehydrated limes, the pie is a treat both visually and gastronomically. Creamy and delicious, they come in different sizes, including a mini version. Those who prefer cheesecake should also consider the bakery's lemon version. Light and refreshing, it is made with Tahitian and Bourbon vanilla for a truly decadent and flavourful experience. 

3. Lisa Lorenzo

It's obvious that Lisa Lorenzo loves to play with citrus. For the adventurous eater, we recommend her orange cream pie. Topped with a slice of orange and a generous handful of chocolate chips, this dessert offers a unique play on textures and tastes, combining mildly sweet cream with the bold, robust flavours of orange. Other treats include her lemon tart—artfully decorated with powdered sugar in the shape of a lemon slice—and a tall key lime pie, perfect for sharing. 

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4. Crafted by CG

Olive oil cakes are a speciality at Crafted by CG. Though the online bakery has been on a baking break, they've promised to come back—and soon—to fulfil all our cravings. Be on the lookout for when their olive oil lemon, orange, and dayap cakes are available again and we promise you won't regret it. 

5. Pink Bakery by Ange

The versatility of lemons is best seen through the variety of baked goods at Pink Bakery by Ange. Transforming this humble fruit into cakes and cookies is a special skill we're happy to witness. Try their lemon cake, lemon bundt, and our favourite, their lemon drop cookies all from one easy-to-access bakery online. 

6. Real Coffee & Tea Cafe

Everyone who's been to Boracay is apt to check out Real Coffee & Tea Cafe. Known for their delectable calamansi muffins, this humble eatery sits right on the beachfront and offers amazing views through bamboo windows. Be sure to grab some coffee along with your muffins, and maybe even take a box home to your family as pasalubong—it's sure to be appreciated. 

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7. Carousel Creamery

With over 100 flavours to choose from, Carousel Creamery has become the Greenhills go-to for citrusy ice cream. They have orange, lemon sherbet, chocolate orange, and so many more to choose from! Order a pint or a scoop to fulfil those summery, sunshiney cravings. 

8. M Bakery

After four successful years in the Philippines, M Bakery is celebrating with a new addition to the menu. Meet the orange cream soda pudding, a sweet and tangy dessert that combines orange juice, mandarins, and vanilla wafers into their no-fail vanilla pudding base. Refreshing and unique, this new dessert has all the ingredients to make you fall in love! 

9. Auro Chocolate

Celebrate local flavours with Auro Chocolate's new plant-based treat. Creamy white chocolate is infused with calamansi flavour and further elevated with crunchy spiced cookie bits. If you're looking for an easy, approachable citrus dessert, this chocolate bar is definitely the treat for you. 

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10. By Chef Kin

We love a traditional tiramisu, but today we're craving something modern and refreshing. Enter: By Chef Kin's limoncello tiramisu. Made with fresh lemon zest and plenty of creamy goodness, it's the perfect palate cleanser after a heavy or flavourful meal. 

11. Patisserie Le Choux-Colat

Helmed by pasty chef, Ely Salar, Patisserie Le Choux-Colat is well-loved for its entremet cakes. Today, however, we're looking squarely at their famous gâteaux de voyage, a collection of cakes that come in different flavours. Their second "season" of the gâteaux includes a calamansi bavarian variant made with white chocolate, vanilla bean cream, candied calamansi, and calamansi pound cake. A veritable celebration of citrus, it also comes with tablea nut brittle cake, and a carrot cream cheese flavour. 


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