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Just because it's called a waffle iron doesn't mean it's limited to only waffles!

Versatile kitchen appliances make the best investments. Today, we're dusting off our trusty waffle irons and experimenting with some easy recipes that you can make with it! From pizza to brownies and even "baked" apples, here are seven reasons why you need to invest in a good waffle maker.

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1. Quesadillas

Waffle quesadillas: now there's something you don't see every day. Yet, the recipe makes so much sense! All you need are flour tortillas and the usual fillings—avocado, sour cream, cheese, and beans. Made without meat, these quesadillas make a great vegetarian snack (though feel free to add pre-cooked ground beef or pork according to your liking). 

See the recipe here

2. Brownies

Have you ever tried making brownies in a waffle maker? For a quick snack, bake your preferred mix in an iron for easy clean-up. The best part is personalising it to your liking—adding peanut butter or caramel to the batter, or make the entire thing a la mode when it's done. 

See the recipe here

3. Pizza

Nothing spells delicious better than a slice of pizza! Add this comfort food to your home menu by creating a waffle maker pizza. All you need is dough (frozen is fine, though people who prefer to make their own can utilise the same recipe), olive oil, marinara sauce, and all the toppings you want. 

See the recipe here

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4. Frittata

I've tried cooking frittatas on a pan and they always come out tasting and looking a little awkward. For a fool-proof setup, try using a waffle maker to get that nice shape and crispy surface. Add a touch of green with arugula leaves and bell peppers, mixed with ham or bacon and plenty of cheese. Trust us, this indulgent recipe makes us wish we'd discovered it earlier. 

See the recipe here

5. "Baked" apples

Waffles may be your cheat meal, but this baked apple recipe is nearly a hundred per cent guiltless. Combine a dash of cinnamon and a sprinkle of coconut sugar (or honey) on thin apple slices before heating it up in the waffle maker. The result is a warm, comforting snack that's easy to make and as good for your taste buds as it is for your health! Top with yoghurt if desired. 

See the recipe here

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6. Hash browns

No need to drive through McDonald's for some delicious hash browns. Make your own from scratch with a waffle iron! All you need are shredded potatoes (or shredded frozen hash browns), pepper, salt, butter, and ham and cheese. Mix it all together to create crunchy, crispy, waffle-shaped hash browns perfect for breakfast. 

See the recipe here

7. Grilled cheese

A quintessential afternoon snack, a good grilled cheese sandwich is all we need to get through the afternoon. Make a quick one at home with your waffle maker: all you need are slices of bread, butter, and whatever kind of cheese you have! Heat in the waffle iron until crispy on the edges and golden brown all over. 

See the recipe here


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